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04 September, 2023

Meet Mrs Campos our new Psychology teacher

Meet Mrs Campos Our New Psychology Teacher - Meet Mrs Campos our new Psychology teacher

Hi! I’m Mrs. Campos, a qualified psychology teacher with five years of teaching experience. As a result of my passion for the subject, I possess strong background knowledge in Psychology, which has enabled me to teach the subject across different levels, from GCSE to Degree level. It all started with the curiosity to understand what drives human behaviour and later understood that Psychology is apparent in every aspect of life. Two contemporary branches of Psychology that I am interested in are Cognitive Psychology and Psychotherapy.

I undertook my degree in Psychology, Psychotherapy, and Counselling and completed my teaching qualification right after. Since then, I have worked alongside leading learning institutions within the North West in the UK, with connections to both Oxbridge and the Russell Group. My teaching experience gave me invaluable experience in building a quality curriculum, offering students a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

I am looking forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm for Psychology in BSY!

What do you look forward to the most about moving to Myanmar?

Getting to live and breathe in the culture of a foreign country. I'm very excited to explore and discover the traditions and values of Myanmar, while growing as an educator.

What excites you the most about joining BSY?

The opportunity to join an innovative team whose aim is to inspire students to create a better future for themselves and make a difference in helping them to achieve their goals in life.

What are you most looking forward to during your first week at the school?

Getting to know my colleagues and the company's culture.

What inspired you to become a teacher, and what drew you to our school in particular?

At one point during my academia, I found it hard to legislate between family affairs and school commitments. I, however, was blessed to have wonderful teachers that always encouraged me to follow my goals and have molded me into a strong and hardworking individual. It was their zeal to see pupils succeed academically and personally that sparked a passion for teaching. When I learned of this role, I found an opportunity to carry on my teachers’ legacy and inspire students to be the “light of the world” and never give up in the midst of challenges.

Are there any memorable success stories or achievements you would like to share about your previous students or experiences?

While at Holy Cross College, I was able to develop a skills assessment tool to support students with critical thinking skills and set targets to increase student engagement and achievement in Psychology. During tutorials, students expressed the impact it made on their understanding of examination skills and the changes it had on their approach to revision. Once we saw the fruits of implementing this tool in the Psychology department, the same tool was also used to assist students across other departments.