21 September, 2023

Expatriate Teaching at BSY

At The British School of Yangon (BSY), we understand how crucial it is for parents to have expatriate teachers with British teaching qualifications guiding their children's educational journey.

Ensuring Quality Education: The British-qualified, Expatriate Teaching Team at BSY

When it comes to providing quality education to our children, parents often seek assurance that their child is learning from the best. At The British School of Yangon (BSY), we understand how crucial it is for parents to have expatriate teachers with British teaching qualifications guiding their children's educational journey. That's why, at BSY, we are proud to have a British-qualified expatriate teacher in each classroom and for all our subjects in secondary. In this blog post, we'll explore why having such a teaching team is essential and how it benefits your child's learning experience.

The Importance of British-Qualified, Expatriate Teachers

Language Proficiency: One of the primary reasons for having native English speakers is to ensure that students are exposed to correct pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary from a young age. This immersion in the English language helps children develop strong communication skills, both written and spoken, which are essential for their success at BSY and in their future university and professional careers.

Cultural Connection: British-qualified expat teachers bring with them a wealth of cultural knowledge and understanding of the British education system. This cultural connection is valuable in helping students appreciate the broader context of their learning. It also allows for a seamless transition if parents plan to move to another international school or if students wish to pursue higher education in the UK.

Teaching Expertise: British teaching qualifications are recognized globally for their high standards. Teachers with these qualifications undergo rigorous training and continuous professional development. They’re well-versed in modern teaching methods and practices, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded and up-to-date education.

Global Perspective: Expatriate teachers often have a unique perspective gained from teaching in various international settings. This global perspective enriches classroom discussions and encourages students to think critically about the world around them. It also prepares them to be more culturally aware and adaptable individuals.


The BSY Teaching Team

At BSY, we take pride in our fantastic teaching team, consisting of British-qualified expatriate teachers who are passionate about nurturing young minds. Each classroom, from early childhood education to secondary, is led by a teacher who is not only well-qualified but also dedicated to providing the best possible education for your child.

In secondary, BSY has British-qualified teachers for all subjects. This ensures that students receive expert instruction in subjects like mathematics, science, art, business, computer science and more. We believe that a strong foundation in these areas is essential for students to excel academically and develop a love for learning.

To further support our teaching team and provide personalised support to our primary students, we also have a highly qualified teaching assistant team who work closely with our teachers in every classroom. This collaborative approach allows for a more personalised learning experience, ensuring that each child's unique needs are met.


Visit BSY and Meet Our Academic Team

We understand that as a parent, you want the best for your child's education. At BSY, we encourage families to visit our school and meet our academic team in person. We believe that when you see the dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm of our teachers and teaching assistants, you won't be disappointed.