25 September, 2023

Build Better 1st MIT challenge launches at BSY

Today marks the launch of the first exciting challenge MIT challenge at BSY, aimed at transforming STEAM education at our school!

Under the theme "Build Better," we're embarking on a year-long series of challenges. It all begins with our first challenge, "Building a Better Plant."

Our MIT Lead, Mr. Mannion, introduced this challenge today, proposed by Dr. Mary Gehring, a distinguished MIT Professor of Biology. This challenge invites our brilliant Years 1-10 students to create a climate-resilient plant that also produces future seeds.

This challenge aligns with MIT’s 'Mens et Manus' principle, emphasizing a hands-on, practical approach to problem-solving. Over the next month, our students will design innovative plants to overcome obstacles like flooding, drought, or pollinator decline.

Their creations, which can be models, animations, or field guides, will be showcased at our Expo Day on October 20th.

We can't wait to see the creativity and innovation that will emerge! Stay tuned for updates on our students' journey to build a better, more resilient world.