02 October, 2023

BSY sports news flash

BSY sports news flash

U14 Basketball Triumph:

In an exceptional display of skill and teamwork last Tuesday, our U14 boys and girls’ basketball teams secured victory against Yangon Academy. Their performance was nothing short of stellar, they looked like seasoned professionals on the court. As usual our amazing fans had the BSY gym shaking from the noise.

Congratulations to these young athletes for their well-deserved wins! Their dedication and stellar performances on the court have made us very proud.

U9 Bench Ball Virtuosos:

Turning our attention to the U9 MISAC Bench Ball Boys team. On Friday they asserted their dominance at the MISAC tournament hosted by BSY, clinching the championship title. 🏆

The U9 girls' team also exhibited their exceptional skills and dedication, contributing significantly to the overall success of our school in the tournament.

Keep roaring BSY Bears!