16 October, 2023

BSY week 7 sports update

U11 Basketball

In this week's sports matchups, the U11 boys of BSY faced off against the Kings Y, and it was a resounding victory for BSY, winning 12-4. Meanwhile, the U11 girls of BSY went head-to-head against the Kings and managed to secure a hard-fought 6-6 draw.

U14 Basketball

In the U14 basketball division, the boys of BSY faced MISY and dominated with a score of 35-14. However, the U14 girls had a tough outing, losing to their opponents by a score of 8-12.

U19 Volleyball

In the U19 volleyball category, the boys of BSY faced off against MISY and were unable to clinch a win, losing 2-0. Similarly, the U19 girls from BSY also struggled against MISY, losing 2-0. It was an eventful week indeed, with both victories and challenges on the sports front.