29 November, 2023

BSY radiates blue in spectacular World Childrens Day celebrations

BSY radiates blue in spectacular World Childrens Day celebrations-BSY radiates blue in spectacular World Childrens Day celebrations-World Children Day

The British School Yangon (BSY) recently transformed into a sea of blue as students, staff, and the entire school community came together in celebration of World Children's Day on November 20th. The event was nothing short of magical, with an abundance of enthusiasm, spirit, and a shared commitment to championing the rights and well-being of every child. 

One of the standout features of the celebration was the sight of students adorned in various shades of blue, symbolizing unity and support for the rights of children worldwide. This vibrant sea of blue not only created a visually stunning atmosphere but also served as a powerful testament to the solidarity and collective voice of the BSY community. 

Adding an extra layer of excitement to the day, students actively participated in the daily operations of the school by taking on staff duties. From leading morning briefings to serving meals and warmly greeting families at the door, the students demonstrated remarkable responsibility and leadership. This unique hands-on experience allowed them to gain insights into the different facets of school life while fostering a sense of pride and ownership in their school community. 

The World Children's Day spirit extended beyond the classrooms as the talented BSY Bakehouse team joined the festivities. Their culinary creativity was on full display as they baked a delightful array of cupcakes with vibrant blue frosting. These sweet treats were distributed to both staff and students, adding a deliciously memorable touch to the celebration.