16 January, 2024

Unlocking growth The educational benefits of school trips and expeditions

Unlocking growth The educational benefits of school trips and expeditions-Unlocking growth The educational benefits of school trips and expeditions-DoE

What matters most to us as parents is that our children are safe and happy. We constantly strive to make their days happy, safe and meaningful; and school days make up a major part of our children’s youth. 

However, time spent in school is not just spent in the classroom, amongst their books and studying for exams. It is so much more.   

Here at BSY we can truly put the ‘whole child’ at the centre of all that we do.  How do we do that?  What makes us different to other great schools?  

Please, read on ....... 

We are incredibly proud to be part of the family of Nord Anglia’s 87 schools worldwide. We are the leading premium international education provider in the world and as such can use that ‘power of 87’ to capture the absolute best in unique and innovative partnerships and collaborations. It is these which set us apart from every other school and which truly benefit our students in ways other schools just cannot do.  

School trips and expeditions have long been recognised as being invaluable components of a child's education. Beyond the classroom walls, students embark on journeys that offer them unique opportunities for personal and academic growth.  

Nord Anglia has established unique collaborations with world-leading organisations such as Juilliard, MIT and UNICEF.  We also have our own outdoor expeditions bases in Switzerland and Tanzania.  These offer our students at BSY to join other Nord Anglia schools across the globe to come together in settings exclusive to NAE.  

Last year's memorable excursions, participation in FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) events, engaging in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DoE) program, Nord Anglia student leadership conferences as well as sports trips, all contribute to a holistic learning experience that goes far beyond textbooks and traditional lectures.    

This year, we set off on our very first Nord Anglia Snowsports trip to the beautiful Swiss Alps. It will be an incredible journey for our students as they learn a new physical skill and venture out on the snowy slopes, a first for many of the group. 

Next year, I look forward to taking a group of our older students to our expeditions camp in Tanzania where we work with local communities to build, develop and improve their homes, schools and land.  

Cultural Exposure and Global Awareness 

   Last year's trips undoubtedly exposed students to diverse cultures, fostering a sense of global awareness. Whether exploring other schools and cities, interacting with local communities, or immersing themselves in new environments, students develop a broader perspective that extends beyond the boundaries of their hometown. Such experiences encourage tolerance, open-mindedness, and an appreciation for the rich tapestry of the world. 

FOBISIA Participation 

 Involvement in FOBISIA events provides students with a platform to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers from different international schools, and compete at a high level with their peers.  Beyond the thrill and challenge of competition, students learn about teamwork and leadership, about the significance of upholding our school’s values (Courage, Integrity, Adventure and Kindness) and of course, sportsmanship. These events foster a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond borders, creating lasting friendships among participants. 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DoE) 

We are proud to be the only accredited Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme provider. This initiative for young people is a must in most good schools in the UK and is an integral part of their school curriculums.  It pushes students beyond their comfort zones and into the realm of personal challenge. Last year's participants discovered new strengths, resilience, and problem-solving skills during their expeditions. The DoE program encourages self-discovery, instills a sense of responsibility, and equips students with essential life skills that extend well into adulthood, all through the most practical tasks such as orienteering, hiking, planning and self-sufficiency. 

Sports Trips 

The anticipation of upcoming sports trips adds another layer to the educational journey. Sports, as an integral part of a child's development, promote physical health, teamwork, and discipline. Sports trips offer students the chance to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom to practical scenarios, enhancing their understanding of sports dynamics and strategy. Moreover, these trips contribute to the overall well-being of students, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. FOBISIA membership and Nord Anglia itself provides us with a wealth of matches and competitions globally and regionally which we can take part in.

Enhanced Social and Interpersonal Skills 

Ever more important after the impact of the global pandemic, school trips and expeditions are social incubators where students interact with peers and teachers outside the formal classroom setting. Shared experiences build stronger bonds among classmates, promoting a positive and supportive school community. Moreover, students learn to adapt to new situations, collaborate with diverse groups, and communicate effectively – skills that are invaluable in both academic and real-world contexts. All vital skills in the workplace and ones which employers are explicitly stating as being top of their selection criteria when appointing candidates. 

In summary, the benefits of school trips and expeditions extend far beyond the excitement of travel, or the cost to parents! BSY’s extensive number of experiences undoubtedly contribute collectively to a first class and well-rounded education. These opportunities expose our students to cultural diversity, encourage personal growth, and foster essential life skills. The memories they make last a life time and play a pivotal role in shaping our students into well-rounded individuals equipped to navigate the challenges of the future and make a difference to our world. 


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