Our school uniforms help students to focus on their studies, while encouraging a strong sense of pride in our community and positive social interaction. Our uniforms are of the highest quality, produced by a top British clothing manufacturer.

We believe uniforms create a sense of community, creating a shared identity and pride.

Parents can help their child realise the benefits of the uniform by making sure they wear their uniform smartly and correctly to school every day. We've invested in producing a uniform that is of the highest quality from a top British clothing manufacturer, and the fabrics we use are the same as those used by top European fashion brands.

Our uniform design is unique. We liaise directly with the factory to ensure the highest quality at a reasonable price.


At The British School Yangon, parents play a big part in their children’s learning journey. Visit our Parent Essentials page to stay up to date on everything from your child's term dates to our bus service.

Parent Essentials