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02 December, 2016

Community Garden ECA

Community Garden ECA
Community Garden ECA

Here at the new Primary building of the British Vietnamese International School Hanoi, our students have helped to set up our very own school community garden.  At the start of term the students did a survey, asking the teachers and local staff to see what herbs and vegetables they would like us to grow.  We want to be confident in what we grow and eat.  We will not use chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.  We are looking at the benefits of growing our own natural organic crops to help promote healthy eating.

Very much in demand with our local staff was morning glory (Rau Muong) so we used half the space in the garden to grow this popular vegetable.  The children have had great fun planting this, along with 3 different types of mint: Tía Tô, Kinh Gioi and Rau Húng. We are also hoping to nurture and establish some basil plants (Rau Hung Que).  Last, but not least, we set up a special corner for the planting of some wonderful lemon grass (Xa).

Once the plants, herbs and vegetables are established the students would like to sell them to our school community, we can then buy new seeds and plants to plough back into the garden, with the view of making our community garden self-sustaining.  As per the schools vision of being ambitious, with your help and support we would like to develop the garden and expand it to an even larger area, we can then plant more varieties so everyone will get the opportunity to try our healthy crops.

Mr. Kevin Halpin

Community Service Manager