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22 June, 2018

Primary Weekly Update 22/06/2018 from Mrs Sharon West

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Primary Weekly Update 22/06/2018 from Mrs Sharon West
Primary Weekly Update 22/06/2018 from Mrs Sharon West

This week both the Primary and Early Years have been alive with music, song, dance and drama as the children have busily prepared for their final two weeks at school. The Year 6 and Year 3 children are putting the final touches to the performance of Bugsy Malone. The set is ready, all dances expertly choreographed, lines rehearsed and songs fine-tuned; I eagerly await the final performance on Tuesday of next week. Our Year 6 students, in particular, have blossomed over the last few weeks, their confidence has grown greatly and it is wonderful to see the relationships between them and their teachers deepen even more.  And at the other end of the age range, our F3 students prepare for their ‘graduation ceremony;’ from Early Years to the Primary school. They have been busily preparing songs and dances and are excited to be sharing them with you on Wednesday 27th. It has been very noticeable, on the days I spend in the Early Years, that our children in F3 are ‘ready to fly!’
Henry Ward Beecher, an American clergyman and social reformer, was quoted as saying: “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.”
Roots are grown and nurtured in BVIS, we provide the children with a wide breadth of learning opportunities both academically, socially, physically and emotionally and over the years, we watch our children grow into confident, articulate, resilient children with a thirst for knowledge and learning. Their leaving is always tinged with sadness; however, we are hopeful that the children will take these skills and attributes forward with them as they move onto the next stage of their education.
I wish you all a restful weekend.