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Nord Anglia
10 February, 2023

Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (6/2 - 10/2)

Early Years & Primary Weekly Updates (6/2 - 10/2) Weekly letter from Head of Primary - Mr Malcolm Wood

Dear parents

Leadership is a valuable ability for your child to develop for their success in school, life, and future careers. It will enable them to have greater agency in life. Just like riding a bicycle, you cannot acquire the ability to lead without practice.

At home and at school, we can help children develop leadership qualities by giving them suitable opportunities to lead.

Student Leadership enables children to develop and model the school values: Communication, Perseverance, Caring, Respect, Cooperation, Integrity, Enquiry, Adaptability and Reflection.

Today, our Sports Leaders used their skills of Communication to deliver an assembly to the whole of Primary. Researching, agreeing and planning a project to improve the time before school by organizing fun weekly sports games which they will run, has also required of them Enquiry, Reflection, Cooperation, Perseverance and Adaptability. Leading weekly sports games on playground before school will further require of them Caring, Respect, Cooperation, Integrity, Communication and Perseverance.


Next week’s sports game will be Bean bags in the hoops.

How can you create suitable opportunities for your child to lead at home? You might like to try encouraging perseverance; giving them opportunities for volunteering (because leaders need to understand the needs of others), through authoritative parenting (where you aim to direct your child rationally); letting your child lead an event; giving them choices; developing their cooperation and communication skills; and letting them choose their own path (because we can only lead well if we are an authentic version of ourself).

Kind regards,

Malcolm Wood
Head of Primary