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Our High School curriculum develops students as critical thinkers and writers who are motivated to succeed and apply to top colleges and universities in the world from our location in Costa Rica. Our students regularly show their persistence and the ability to learn from their mistakes. During these important years at our private high school, they prepare for and excel in their PSAT, SAT, TOEFL, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams, strengthen their characters, and develop a global mindset that embraces diversity and inclusion.
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About Our High School Curriculum

Our challenging, engaging curriculum is designed to prepare students for entry to top colleges and universities in the world. Students take courses in social studies, English, Spanish, mathematics, science, physical education, and the arts to foster their love of learning across a broad range of subjects. Students also take the PSAT Exam in grades 9, 10, and 11, which requires the same testing strategies needed to succeed in the SAT — the external exam we prepare our students to take before applying to colleges and universities.

We also offer Costa Rican curriculum courses, which allow students to obtain the Costa Rican Bachillerato diploma.  


Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and Tests

Organized through the US’ College Board and recognized throughout the world for rigor, we offer 20 Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are designed to be held at university-level, beginning with AP World History in 10th grade. Our wide range of AP courses across different subjects are the most ambitious courses offered in our high school. Students freely choose, through an application process, to undertake these higher-level courses to get ready for their college or university studies and gain a competitive edge in the application process. Some colleges and universities also give credits to students who pass their tests, allowing them to get a head start on their future. 


Technology in High School

Our academic program is enhanced by our 1:1 laptop program, a model replicated by leading secondary schools worldwide. This program equips our students with the skills for effective communication, research, and individual projects. Our teachers integrate technology into a philosophy of “learn-first, tech-second,” where we want technology to be more than an expensive pencil. Technology is used to enhance the learning experience. 


Beyond the Classroom

There are many ways our students can learn beyond the classroom. Last year, we had a record number of students enrolled in our Band and Choir programs. We also have an internationally recognized Model United Nations (MUN) club, a community-minded National Honors Society, and we also compete at AASCA sports events for boys’ and girls’ teams in basketball, track and field, soccer, and volleyball. 


Furthermore, we encourage our students to take advantage of leadership opportunities that can develop their skills and participate in our school-wide commitment to meaningfully contribute to our communities locally, nationally, and globally. 


We’re very proud of our students and the leadership traits they demonstrate daily — empathy, self-confidence, integrity, enthusiasm, optimism, authenticity, perseverance, passion, and critical thinking.



Every child has their own exciting journey. Our teachers build up the individual strengths of each student, creating activities and projects based on our internationally recognized curriculum and qualifications, so they can discover their path to the world's best colleges and universities.

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