Our robust after-school sports program includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and cross-country and track.
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Physical Education classes improve students’ overall fitness and develop their gross motor skills, social and emotional well-being, and healthy lifestyles. We encourage students to participate in sports and to exercise good sportsmanship: showing responsibility and respect towards each team, excelling physically and emotionally, and learning the importance of self-respect alongside respect for teammates, friends, and other teams.


Active Living in Early Childhood

In Early Childhood, we believe athletics teach children good sportsmanship and give them the opportunity to play both on a team and as an individual, as they build their skills and have fun! Young children learn to use their bodies through gross and fine motor skills. We don't emphasize "winning" or "losing" at any level in Early Childhood. Instead, we focus on the student's enjoyment and becoming a good team member. 


Middle and High School Competitions

Students participate in tournaments in Costa Rica and across Central America. CDS teams have won several trophies, and in the last three years, have won the Sportsmanship Award consecutively in volleyball, cross-country, and basketball. All middle school students take PE twice during each six-day rotation. The sports they explore include basketball, soccer, and volleyball. We also offer a co-ed swimming program throughout the school year.


A Lifelong Love of Sports

Our High School course progressively gives students the opportunity to learn, to attain good overall fitness levels, and to encourage a lifetime of fitness. Students develop various athletic skills and reach personal goals that guide them throughout their lives. As part of the course, students also complete the Presidential National Fitness test.


Sport and Spirit Days

On days when we have a home athletics game, students may wear their red spirit shirts or CDS team shirts. These days are requested by STUCO and require the administration's approval. Athletes participating in the game may wear their team shirts on days when we have a home or away game. Students must wear regular school pants or shorts.


For AASCA pep rallies, students may wear a team jersey or the red spirit shirt. Students are permitted to wear jeans without rips, tears, or holes on days when we have a pep rally. 


Lifetime Sports

Lifetime Sports is a course that is designed for students interested in pursuing fitness and physical education. Although CDS requires one credit in PE, we strongly encourage students to pursue physical fitness as a lifetime pursuit.

The goal of this course is to foster an appreciation for lifelong physical activity by exposing students to a variety of activities like badminton, fitness, soccer, and basketball. Fitness testing and skill assessments are part of this course with unique standards.


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