Our Spanish Language Program boosts all students' skills.
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Elementary School Spanish

Spanish classes in Elementary School at CDS are divided into five sections: three sections of Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) and two Native sections. All students must take a placement exam to determine which level is best for them.

Native Spanish Speakers

This track is based heavily on the curriculum provided by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education (MEP). From first grade, we begin with literacy, and in grade two, we move into grammar, writing, and spelling. Our teachers infuse their instruction with oral presentations and book reports at all grade levels. The materials used in class are from all genres of literature and help form the reading and comprehension abilities of each student.


Spanish As A Second Language (SSL)

SSL is divided into three classes: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Our SSL classes encourage learning through the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

Beginners: The main objective of our beginners class is to focus on using Spanish to communicate orally both in and out of the classroom. Students are presented with new vocabulary everyday. Games, role-plays, readings, videos, songs, and computer programs like Voice Thread are part of our support material. 


By the end of the beginner level, your child will be able to: 


Intermediate: Intermediate SSL expands on the skills of the beginners' program. Students’ Spanish vocabulary skills broaden during each project, game, reading, or writing of text. Correct grammar usage becomes more important at this level. During oral practice, our students become more confident and fluent.


By the end of the intermediate level, your child will be able to: 


Advanced: In our advanced Spanish class, students use the Spanish skills they've obtained in past classes. When students come to this class, they can speak, comprehend, write, and read in Spanish and work to advance their proficiency. As a part of their program, they'll read advanced Spanish books and will work on creative writing using grammar rules at the native-speaker level. 


By the end of the advanced level, your child will be able to: