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28 October, 2022

Words from our Director

Director General  Jack Young
Words from our Director

Hello CDS Families,
Words from our Director | 28 October 2022 | CDS Costa Rica - words-from-our-director

It is that time of year when the weather is starting to turn, and we are seeing less rain and there is a hint of the late November and December winds heading our way. The year is moving at an alarming rate, and I would like to take a moment to reflect on all of the amazing things that have happened and are in the process of happening.  

In only a little more than 2 months we have championed community events, bringing all members of our community together for record setting attendance at our CDS Family Picnic, filled our gymnasium to capacity with just under 1000 students, teachers, and staff for one of the most incredible 15 de septiembre activities in recent history, partnered with our Parent Association for our UN Day/ International Fair extravaganza, and are looking forward to other big events such as our Halloween Family Fun Night, Thanksgiving Luncheon, and our Seasonal Concert Series.  

In addition to events, we have seen our high school launch our first secondary division STEAM challenge with our rollercoaster project and are working to collaborate with our friends at Texas Tech and Formula 1 for an amazing STEAM opportunity. Our NAE collaborations will continue to be prevalent on campus as we celebrate UNICEF’s World Children’s Day on November 21st with a very special NAE Global Connection for our primary students involving Paddington Bear! For our older students we are going to be capitalizing on our global network by using the Nord Anglia Global Campus to participate in lessons and possibly even a student forum around Global Sustainable Goals. Stay tuned for more information and photos on our social media pages! 

We wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead. 

Highest Regards,

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Jack Young 
General Director