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11 November, 2022

Words from Secondary, 11.11.2022

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Mr. Brian Balding
Secondary Principal

Hello Middle and High School Families! 

Country Day School - Brian Balding

Grades should be updated in iSams as of this Friday, November 11th. Please contact the class teacher with questions about grades for your student. . 


Fall 2022 Map Results Are Now in Isams for Students in Grades 1-8 

This fall, all students in grades 1-8 took the MAP Growth Assessment. Those results are now available in ISAMS for parent/guardian/student review.  A few notes about what you will see: 

  • MAP Growth is a growth assessment. It is intended to demonstrate how each student progresses in their learning in a variety of subject areas including, Reading, Math and Language Usage.  At CDS, we use student assessment data on the MAP Growth assessment to evaluate trends in student data, set learning goals, and to identify areas for acceleration or reteaching.  

  • CLICK HERE for a short video to learn more about the MAP Growth assessment.  

  • CLICK HERE for a two-page overview of the student report, an explanation of RIT scores and other Frequently Asked Questions. 

If you have questions about the Fall 2022 MAP Growth Assessment, please contact Liz Cotter, Director of Teaching and Learning:  

If you don’t know how to access ISAMS to review your students’ MAP results, below are two resources to help answer your questions.  If you still have questions, please contact Maria Umana at: 




CDS Students Are Invited to Participate in a Global Writing Competition 

Each year, Nord Anglia invites our students to participate in a global Writing Competition where students can share their writing skills with students and educators from around the world.  The Writing Competition is open to students in grades 1-12 from each school, and the winning selection will be featured on Nord Anglia's Global Campus portal. This is a great opportunity for our student writers to share their talents!  

If your student would like to participate in this year's Writing Competition, please have them log into Global Campus using their CDS student email/password.  If you aren't sure of your student's email/password, please email Liz Cotter, Director of Teaching and Learning:  

Once into the Global Campus website, please go to the following link for full access to the overview/rules/themes of the Writing Competition: LINK TO WRITING COMPETITION

Students interested in participating must submit their final entry no later than December 13, 2022. Entries may be emailed to:

If you have any questions about the Nord Anglia Writing Competition, please contact Liz Cotter @  

The STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge is entering its last week.  Rollercoasters will be on display next Friday, November 18th, throughout the school. Some of the work that students have done is amazing! 


There have been a number of questions regarding the CDS Attendance Policy. Here is a brief overview of important key points: 

  • If a parent calls to confirm the reason for a student’s absence (e.g. illness, appointment, family emergency) then the absence is Excused and students are permitted to make up assignments and assessments. 

  • Please contact the office on the day of (or before) the absence, preferably in the morning. 

  • Students have the same number of days absent to make up assignments/assessments when they return. 

  • For family trips, college visits, etc. that are planned in advance, please fill out a pre-arranged absence form.  

  • If a parent does not confirm an acceptable reason for an absence, then it is unexcused and the student cannot make up their assignments/assessments. 

  • A student who is absent more than 20% (9 absences) of the days in a semester in a class will have credit withheld for the class.  

  • The following absences are waived and do not count in this number: 

  • Pre-arranged family trips 

  • College visits 

  • Medical appointments (please provide documentation) 

  • Family emergencies 

  • Religious Observances 

  • School Related Absences 

  • A student can appeal the withholding of credit, you will receive notification of this process if your student is having credit withheld. 

On Thursday, two of our students, Mariano Hernandez and Eugenio Garcia, will be selling Mexican Candy as a part of a business they’ve started called No Mandes Dulceria. This will be like our other bake sales. 


Important Updates about The Wizard of Oz Auditions

Hello, parents of CDS! Wizard of Oz art05

Hope you're having an amazing day. This is Andrea Aguilar (Ms. Aguilar) and I am the drama teacher at CDS. I am thrilled to be putting together this year´s drama production of The Wizard of Oz! It´s already proving to be a huge hit with the kids and I´m sure we´ll have lots of fun and magic in our production.

Some clarifications: 

Remember there are two steps to complete (highlighted in red and blue) to become part of the play:

  • Parents of students from 3rd to 8th grade who wish to participate either as characters or crew MUST fill out THIS LINK. This form will tell me what role they want to audition or what position they want to be part of in crew (backstage, ushers, props). 
  • Parents of students from 3rd to 8th grade who wish to participate as characters must also fill out this additional SIGN UP FORM. This will allow you to be able to sign your child up for a specific time for their audition. They will each have 10 minutes. 
  1. During those 10 minutes, your child will receive a copy of the selected monologue/exercise to do during the audition. The audition will only be me in the theatre and a selected teacher to assist me.
  2. Parents of students who wish to audition for a LEAD ROLE (Dorothy, Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man), must also send me a YouTube link or mp3 file of a song of their choice (preferably Disney or musical theater). They will each have 1 minute to sing, so they must choose what part of the song they want to show. I will set it up for them. Please send me the link or mp3 file to my email (
  • The selected cast and crew list will be sent out to parents the week after auditions, as well as the rehearsal schedule. There will be students who will be selected to be understudies for lead roles (these students will also have other roles in the play and will be ready in case the lead role cannot perform). 
  • That being said, if a student auditions for a character and another student is chosen for it, they will still be part of the play, but with a different character, suited to their profile. 
  • Once cast and crew is selected, students will receive a commitment form for their participation in the play, which will let them know of their role and the commitment expected of them. 

For more information, please read this document

Any other questions or comments, I'm happy to receive through my email:

Andrea Aguilar 
Drama Teacher   

Audition Wizard


CDS Going to Tanzania!! 

One of the most amazing aspects of being a part of a global network of schools like Nord Anglia is being able to take advantage of as many of the amazing opportunities for our children as possible. This year, CDS is looking to capitalize on Nord Anglia Expeditions program to send 22 students to Tanzania! There are two offerings, one, a service learning opportunity, and the other, an adventure climbing trip. Both offerings are outlined below.  

The dates for these trips are February 21 through 28 (inclusive) and the cost is subsidized by Nord Anglia. We are looking to send 10 students to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and 12 students to take part in the Seeway service learning opportunity. Both activities are amazing and include very distint experiences that students will never forget. CDS students will be traveling and staying with other Nord Anglia students from schools in the US, Thailand, Vietnam, and Ecuador. This is an amazing opportunity to capitalize on being a part of the NAE family.  

Mr. Young and Mr. Balding will present this opportunity to high school students ages 14 and older on Monday, November 14th. As spaces are limited, we may look to have an application process if demand is high. Parents who would like more information and details of the trip, please email Jack Young at and we can set up an informative session.  

Seeway Expedition 

The Tanzania Seeway Expedition is a life changing experience and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on the local communities and villages around Maji ya Chai, in the Arusha region of Tanzania.  

The eight days our students will spend in Tanzania will see them travel around the Arusha region, participating in a highly rewarding programme of community service, learning about sustainable development and exploring the Tarangire National Park where they will discover the diverse range of Tanzanian flora and fauna.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to be ambitious and challenge themself through a unique and highly enjoyable programme, designed to enable them to grow personally and emotionally. The activities support key skills such as confidence, resilience, independence and leadership, all essential in your child’s education, career and life as a global citizen. Working with fellow Nord Anglia Education students from around the world, this experience will broaden their horizons by taking them away from the beaten track and opening their eyes to the world, cultures and people around them, while building lifelong friendships and memories.  

Kilimanjaro Expedition 

Kilimanjaro almost needs no introduction, the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and the highest mountain on the African Continent. Students will take part in a challenging 7-day ascent via the Machame route, which provides wonderful views of the surrounding plains and an ascent profile that will offer the greatest chance of success for our students to reach the summit of this African giant.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to be ambitious and challenge themself through a unique and highly enjoyable programme, designed to enable them to grow personally and emotionally. The activities support key skills such as confidence, resilience, independence and leadership, all essential in your child’s education, career and life as a global ci