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18 November, 2022

Words from our Director, 18.11.2022

Director General  Jack Young
Words from our Director

Hello CDS Families,
Words from our Director | 18 November 2022 | CDS Costa Rica - words-from-our-director

I hope this finds you well. One of my favorite things to do in our weekly staff communications is to give “Shout Outs” to members of our staff who deserve a little extra recognition. It is a nice way to show people that you notice and appreciate their work. Today, I’d like to offer a CDS Community Version of the weekly Shout Outs. I wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week at Thanksgiving! 

Community Shout Outs! 

  • Shout out to our amazing Female Basketball Team! Our team took home the 2022 Action Tournament championship last week at the Panther Dome! 

  • Shout out to the “Music Under the Stars” performers, conductors, and event organizers! 

  • Shout out to our boys JV/ MS soccer team who just beat the Pan American School 3-2 here at the Panther Dome! 

  • Shout out to Jean Carlo Villalta our long time Director of Technology who will be moving on from CDS after an amazing 16 year span with the CDS family! Thank you, Jean Carlo! 

  • Shout out to our high school teaching staff for completing our first MIT STEAM Challenge of the year! The rollercoasters were amazing!! 

  • Shout out to Luis Javier Chasi (grade 12) and Eleanor Balding (grade 6) for participating in the Nord Anglia World Children’s Day student/ director forum this week discussing Sustainable Development Goal #4 Quality Education for All 

  • Shout out to Ms. Garro’s pre-k class for their amazing entry in the Nord Anglia Global “Wall of Fame” for World Children’s Day!  

  • Shout out to our CDS Panther track team and Andy Solis for taking silver in the long jump and Matthew Harmon for taking bronze in the 4K!  

  • Shout out to Ms. Pearson, Ms. Cotter, Mr. LaRoche, and Mr. Salas for accompanying our track and field team to El Salvador 

  • Shout out to the CDS Panther Student Council for an amazing “Mundialito” event – won by the team from Ecuador! Felicidades!! 

  • Shout out to all of our CDS community for being the most amazing group of people we could ever ask for! 

  • Shout out to....give someone you know a shout out and make their day!! 

Highest Regards,

Mr Young signature
Jack Young 
General Director