10 March, 2023

Words for Primary

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

This week we had the honor of having 17 CDS moms on campus to share their thoughts and experiences around female empowerment. It was wonderful to see the students’ faces light up as moms shared their stories in the different classrooms. If you would like to help during Field Day (March 31st) please email Ariel. We still need volunteers 😊  

MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge 

The MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge is coming! Please review the important dates and information below: 

  • April 24-May 11: Challenge 
  • May 12: Rollercoaster Exhibit Upcoming Dates

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

2nd-5th Grade Swim Meets 

Our 2nd-5th grade students participated in swim meets this week and finalists completed on Friday. We had an amazing group of students and families to cheer on our talented swimmers. Next week will be the final week of swimming for 2nd-5th grade students so please continue to send swim gear to school.  

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

EC Parent-Teacher Conferences  
  • Please use this link to sign up for conferences.   
ES Student-Led Conferences   
  • Sign-ups are now open. Please click this link to sign up for a conference time that works for you and your child. 
  • Student-led conferences are an opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning and share their work. During a conference families will hear about their child’s strengths and proud moments as well as current challenges.  
  • Our students are spending time preparing for their conferences and are eager to present to their parents.  
  • Teachers will not hold individual conferences with families during student-led conferences. If a teacher has specific areas of concern, the teacher will always contact families on an ongoing basis. If a parent ever has a specific concern, we also encourage families to request a meeting at any point in the school year.  
Junior Global Games 

This year CDS will be hosting the Nord Anglia Junior Global Games on March 22nd and 23rd. Although our Primary students will not be playing in the games, our PE classes will be relocated. 

Special Dress Dates 
  • March 15th: Dress down day to celebrate the past, present, and future.
    • EC – What I want to be when I Grow up
    • Elementary – 70's
  • March 17th: 60’s Anniversary Assembly (students only)
    • PK: Rock and Roll
    • Kinder: Beach wear 
    • Prep: Rock and Roll
    • First: 00’s
    • Second: 90’s
    • Third: 80’s
    • Fourth: 70’s
    • Fifth: 60’s
  • March 21st: World Down Syndrome Day: wear mismatched socks
  • March 31st: Field Day: Comfortable sporty attire