17 March, 2023

Words from Primary

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

It’s been an amazing week of 60th anniversary celebrations. We participated in special guest lessons led by retired CDS teachers, learned about history by stopping by the CDS Museum, and participated in other community building events like our whole school assembly. Thank you for supporting such a special week! 

General Announcements 
  • EC-1st grade swimming starts on Monday and this was the last week of swimming for 2nd-5th grade students.  
  • A new EC playground is coming very soon! It’s currently being set up and will be ready for use next week.  
Swimming is starting soon! 

Our EC and first grade swimming unit starts next week!  

  • Students can wear their bathing suit to school or change before class. Athletic style bathing suits must be worn (one or two piece suits with no buckles or strings). 
  • Packing list: swim cap, goggles, bag for wet clothes, towel, sandals, and a change of underwear. MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge 

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge 

The MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge is coming! Please review the important dates and information below: 

  • April 24-May 11: Challenge 
  • May 12: Rollercoaster Exhibit 

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

EC Parent-Teacher Conferences  
  • Please use this link to sign up for conferences.   
ES Student-Led Conferences   
  • Sign-ups are now open. Please click this link to sign up for a conference time that works for you and your child. 
  • Student-led conferences are an opportunity for students to take ownership of their learning and share their work. During a conference families will hear about their child’s strengths and proud moments as well as current challenges.  
  • Our students are spending time preparing for their conferences and are eager to present to their parents.  
  • Teachers will not hold individual conferences with families during student-led conferences. If a teacher has specific areas of concern, the teacher will always contact families on an ongoing basis. If a parent ever has a specific concern, we also encourage families to request a meeting at any point in the school year.  
Junior Global Games 

This year CDS will be hosting the Nord Anglia Junior Global Games March 22nd and 23rd. Even though our Primary students will not be playing in the games, our PE classes will be relocated. 

Special Dress Dates 
  • March 21st: World Down Syndrome Day: wear mismatched socks
  • March 31st: Field Day: Comfortable sporty attire
  • Book Week will take place after spring break (dates coming soon). The week will include Storybook Character Day so you can start planning for this. 
Earth Day Bake Sale (ES) 

Dear CDS families,  

We would like to inform you of the upcoming bake sale, which will take place on  

Friday, March 24. This bake sale will raise money for two organizations who devote their lives in helping children and animals in need:  

  1. Centro de Recuperacion  Animal Escazu – This organization is dedicated to helping homeless dogs with shelter, food and health. 
  2. Aldea Infantiles SOS en Santa Ana - This organization is dedicated to helping homeless children with shelter, food, clothes, and health.  

This bake sale will be organized by the students of the 5th grade; class 5A. The treats in the bake sale will range in price from 500 colones to 1,500 colones. All the money raised during the bake sale will be donated to both organizations at the Earth Day Summit celebration on April 21st.  

We are also starting a Clothes Drive for the children at the orphanage. We will be collecting any clean shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, or anything else from Monday, March 20 – April 21. 

We look forward to sharing more information about the Earth Day Summit at the beginning of April! Thank you for your time. 

- 5A