21 April, 2023

Words from Primary

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

We had an amazing time celebrating Earth Day! EC and first grade students participated in a concert and games. Second through fifth grade students participated in our 2nd annual Earth Day Summitt. Fifth grade students took the initiative to plan the summit. They taught other students about the important work that organizations in Costa Rica are doing to make the world a better place and engaged students in thinking about how they could take action to support the environment. 

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

Dear CDS community,  

We are very happy to announce that from April 24th through April 28th we will have great activities to celebrate Book Week at CDS:

  • Author visits
  • Booknic
  • Read-a-thon
  • Book drive
  • Dress up parade
  • Special plays

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

MS STUCO students will have a stand to collect books in Spanish for Bibliotecas Actualiza Program during the CDS Book Fair on Tuesday, April 25th from 7:45 am to 11:00 am as part of their community service.  Books can also be brought in. 

Other Important Dates and Activities  

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

Please fill out the following form before April 24th Book-nic and Book Fair Participation.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Córdoba at anagabriela.cordoba@cds.ed.cr

MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge 

The MIT STEAM Rollercoaster Challenge is coming! Please review the important dates and information below: 

  • April 24-May 11: Challenge 
  • May 12: Rollercoaster Exhibit 

Words from Primary - Words from Primary

Class Placements for Next School Year 

Next school year is around the corner! In May, counselors, teachers, and administrators will meet to work on class placements. We use formal and informal assessment data, observation notes, and parent input to make the best class placements for each child. If you would like to request a type of learning environment (not a specific teacher) for your child, you may do so in writing to Ariel Weissburg (ariel.weissburg@cds.ed.cr) before May 1st. Please note that late requests, requests that include a teacher’s name, or requests to someone other than Mrs. Weissburg will not be considered. 

Classroom Placement  

At Country Day School, each student will be provided an appropriate program of studies designed to inspire a passion for learning and an opportunity to acquire skills, instill values and develop courage. Consequently, classrooms are balanced according to a multitude of factors and are created by a team of teachers, the principal, counselor and, if needed, learning support team.

We encourage any parent who wishes to request a particular learning environment for his or her child to do so; information from parents is often valuable in adding to the School’s observations and expertise. The only type of request accepted by CDS is one that describes a particular type of learning environment based on a student’s specific needs. Requests that include a specific teacher's name will not be considered. Parent input must be done so in writing to the principal by the middle of May of the previous school year.

While we can not honor all requests, we do assure that all of the information, which follows the above guidelines, sent by parents will receive full consideration as part of the classroom placement process. This policy provides for fair and equal treatment for all concerned. The practice of honoring an individual parent request for a specific teacher is not condoned, as it could deny equal educational opportunity to some personnel and to some students. Requests identifying a teacher’s name will not be considered and will be returned to the requestor. Country Day School will make the final decision regarding student placement for the best possible learning environment for all students.