22 February, 2024

CDS Director’s Blog: The Panther Press

CDS Director’s Blog: The Panther Press - 22 CDS Directors Blog
Three Before Me: Fostering Effective Communication within Our School Community

At Country Day School, we take pride in cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment for both students and families. A crucial aspect of this ethos is effective communication. We believe in the principle of "Three Before Me," emphasizing the importance of direct communication with individuals directly involved in a particular concern or issue before escalating it to higher authorities. This practice holds particular significance in our academic setting, where concerns about a class or a teacher should first be addressed directly with the teacher before involving the principal or head of school. 

Research consistently highlights the positive impact of direct communication between parents and teachers on student success. According to studies by the National Education Association (NEA), strong parent-teacher communication correlates with improved academic performance, better attendance, and higher motivation among students. Therefore, it is a disservice to both the teacher and the student when concerns are not first discussed with the teacher directly. 

At Country Day School, our teachers are committed to open dialogue and actively set aside time to meet with families to address concerns or receive feedback. This collaboration is the bedrock of a healthy and thriving school community. Non-violent communication methodologies, such as those advocated by Marshall Rosenberg, can provide effective frameworks for expressing concerns in a constructive and empathetic manner, fostering a positive and solution-oriented atmosphere. 

Jumping directly to an administrator without first consulting the teacher can strain relationships and put educators on the defensive. Moreover, administrators may not have an immediate answer, necessitating consultation with the teacher. This not only delays resolution but can also create unnecessary tension. 

Should a concern persist, we encourage families to follow a hierarchical approach. Bring the matter to the attention of the house administration, and if necessary, involve the General Director for additional support. Our aim is to address concerns swiftly and effectively, ensuring that every family feels heard and supported. 

As a premium school, we are committed to championing open communication and providing a superior level of customer satisfaction for our families. Together, let's continue to foster a culture of collaboration, understanding, and mutual respect at Country Day School.