29 February, 2024

CDS Director’s Blog: The Panther Press

CDS Director’s Blog: The Panther Press - 29 CDS Directors Blog
Unlocking Your Child's Superpower: The Art of 'Thinking about Thinking'

Ever wondered why your child sometimes finishes a page in a book without remembering a single word? We've all been there! But did you know that being aware of this is an example of metacognition—literally, 'thinking about thinking'? This superpower not only helps us learn better but can be a game-changer for our children's education. 

In the latest INSIGHTS article, "Metacognition: Helping Kids Unlock the Power of 'Thinking About Thinking'," Julie Henry explores how this ability to reflect on and shape our cognitive processes is transforming education. Dr. Rose Luckin, a leading expert, says it's like having an "escape hatch" from our current habits, allowing students to notice patterns and take a different course of action. 

At Nord Anglia Education, we're embracing metacognition to supercharge your child's learning experience. Our metacognitive framework, focusing on the six "Learner Ambitions," is not just about passing exams—it's about preparing your child for life. Learn how metacognition is helping our students become critical, creative, committed, and curious learners, ready to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

Curious to know more? Dive into the full article and discover how metacognition is becoming the key to unlocking your child's full potential.