Our food service at CDS is optional and paid for separately from other school fees. Parents can choose to send meals from home or to take advantage of our school cafeteria.
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Lunch Menu at Country Day School

CDS' nutrition policy is aligned with Costa Rican MEP rules regarding the limitation of trans fats and added sugar in drinks. In addition, we strive to provide a variety of balanced options on a daily basis, including two hot lunch options for all students and staff.

The cafeteria uses the following plate sizes and guidelines in designing the lunch menu:

Portion sizes are defined in order to provide healthy adult-size and child-size plates. The adult-size plate is recommended for children ages 12 and above, as well as adults. The child-size plate is recommended for all others, although some children below 12 may find they prefer an adult-size plate.

Every day, we offer two main protein dishes to choose from, two carbohydrate sides, and a vegetable or legume side. Also, each plate comes with a salad and one of two natural juices. 

Students can choose from:

Using Our Cafeteria Service

Cafeteria service at CDS is an optional service that is paid separately from other school fees.