Ages 11 to 14


At Compass Doha, our lower secondary school curriculum prepares our students for their IGCSEs, setting them up for future success. Your child will broaden their knowledge in specialist subjects, become an expert problem solver, and learn how to think critically and creatively.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum

At Compass Doha, our Key Stage 3 students follow the English National Curriculum. This provides the perfect blend of challenge and support, which helps our students successfully transition from primary to the IGCSE.

Your child will study English, maths, science, history, geography, ICT, music, citizenship, art and design, PE and languages. They’ll apply techniques learned in one subject to others and work closely with classmates and Nord Anglia students overseas.

In all our lessons, students are challenged to solve problems and explore ideas from different perspectives. We want them to be aware of ambiguity and complexity, to think creatively, and be open to new approaches and solutions.

Our teachers instil confidence in our students, which helps them work with others and take the lead. They also encourage each child to follow their passions. This prepares them for the challenges and choices of IGCSE, A-levels and the IBDP – as well as life after they graduate.

After successfully completing Key Stage 3, your child will study for their IGCSEs at either our Madinat Khalifa or Themaid campus.


Our world-class teachers create tailored pathways that will nurture your child’s passions and interests, cultivating a love of learning and unlocking their full potential.

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