26 January, 2023

Juilliard curriculum specialists’ annual visit to Compass International School resume in 2023!

Juilliard visit - Juilliard curriculum specialists annual visits to Compass International School resume in 2023


Compass International School’s unique collaboration with world-renowned performing arts institution, The Juilliard School, is one of a kind in Qatar.


The Juilliard School provides a unique platform for Music, Dance and Drama teachers at Nord Anglia Education (NAE). As part of NAE’s world-wide network of schools, this exclusive collaboration allows our students and teachers to access Juilliard’s special programmes and their Creative Classroom, enhancing their natural-born talent and giving them opportunities to thrive on the world stage.


Our programme provides our students with fun, engaging quality lessons and immersive experiences and opportunities to participate in Juilliard’s Summer Performing Arts in China and USA.


Our teachers benefit from Juilliard’s performance arts specialists through professional development where curriculum specialists work closely with their relevant teachers throughout the school year.  This visit provides an opportunity to get together and share ideas and discuss curriculum and lesson delivery to enhance the lessons and experience our performing arts teachers can give to our students at Compass International School.


The Juilliard School arranges yearly visits to all NAE schools, providing workshops for our students led by world-renowned artists and providing quality professional development for our performing arts teachers. Due to restrictions and other numerous challenges, these visits were held virtually over the past few years.


This year, we were delighted to welcome Juilliard curriculum specialist in Music Brian Drye and curriculum specialist in Drama Raphael Peacock to facilitate this year’s visit to all 3 of our campuses.


Mr. Drye is an accomplished trombonist and teaching artist from Brooklyn, New York. He facilitates workshops for music educators and is the director of the community music at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.


Mr. Peacock is an award-winning actor, director and fight choreographer and teaches in Lincoln Center Theater and The Atlantic Theater Company in USA. He also trained at London Shakespeare Studio and American Conservatory Theater where he was a Fellow and taught in the Young Conservatory.


During this visit, they also provided some community outreach by hosting parent coffee mornings and hosted an interactive music workshop for parents. The workshop gave an opportunity for parents to have an insight into our students’ lessons and to experience a Juilliard-style music lesson with our music curriculum specialist Mr. Drye.


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