28 January, 2024

Preparing for exams at Compass International School

Compass International School secondary exams
Fostering success through supportive study strategies

In the Nord Anglia tradition of education, exams serve as a crucial benchmark for assessing a student's grasp of the curriculum. Parents and educators play a vital role in providing the necessary support to help children navigate the difficulties of exams. Understanding the art of studying is crucial for success, and collaborative efforts at home and with teachers can significantly impact a student's journey through school.


Home support: A foundation for success

Creating a learning environment at home is essential. Parents can help create a dedicated learning space free from distractions and encourage a consistent study routine. This not only helps in concentration but also instills a sense of discipline in your child's study habits. Regular communication about academic progress is crucial, it provides an opportunity to address concerns, offer support and create open conversation that builds trust.

By encouraging active learning at home and promoting techniques such as summarising and creating visual aids like mind maps, which are also fun. This not only enhances understanding but also makes studying engaging and entertaining. Time management is equally important; work with your child to create a study schedule, breaking down tasks into manageable chunks.


Compass International School Secondary School


Partnering with teachers: a collaborative approach

With Nord Anglia's personalised approach, collaboration between parents and teachers is eencouraged. Setting regular meetings with teachers provide insights into a child's progress, strengths, and areas for improvement. Understanding the curriculum and exam format allows parents to align their support with classroom learning. By fully utilising our teachers' expertise, you can identify resources and materials that can assist with your child's study routine. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive preparation for exams, fostering a strong connection between home and school.


Building effective study habits: The Nord Anglia way

A Compass International School education places a premium on developing skills beyond memorisation. Encourage your child to adopt active learning techniques, turning study sessions into unique and engaging experiences. These may include summarising information in their own words, teaching concepts to peers or siblings, and creating visual aids.

Effective time management is a skill that serves students well throughout their academic journey. By breaking down study sessions into smaller, focused, and manageable intervals, children can absorb information more effectively and reduce the stress associated with exam preparation.


Compass exam preparation

Nurturing a growth mindset: A lifelong perspective

By promoting a growth mindset and emphasising the belief that intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. Parents can play a crucial role in fostering this mindset at home. Encourage your child to view challenges as opportunities for growth, praising effort, perseverance, and resilience.

Modelling a growth mindset provides children with a valuable perspective on learning, helping them approach exams with confidence and a positive attitude. Create understanding around the importance of embracing mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve. Reinforce the idea that exams are not just assessments but essential checkpoints in their educational pathway.


Anxiety is unnecessary. 
Preparing for exams is a joint effort that involves parents, teachers, and students working together to create an environment that celebrates and builds understanding. By learning more about the art of studying and implementing effective strategies at home and in partnership with teachers, we empower our children to succeed not only in exams but in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Together, we can instill in our children the confidence, skills, and mindset needed to navigate the challenges of education and emerge as well-rounded individuals ready to make a positive impact on the world.