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09 December, 2015

Dr Maureen Roach High Tea Farewell

Dr Maureen Roach High Tea Farewell

A high tea ceremony for staff and teachers of DCIS held by Dr Maureen Roach

Dr Maureen Roach High Tea Farewell Dr Roach bids farewell to staff and teachers of DCIS

A high tea ceremony for staff and teachers of DCIS held by Dr Maureen Roach

In a brief and emotional speech, Dr Maureen Roach held a high tea ceremony for the staff and teachers of DCIS on Thursday, December 3rd. She was presented with a ceremonial cheque of almost $7,000 (with donations from the DCA, staff and students) to be given to her selected charity, I-India.

It was a time for the entire staff to thank Dr Roach for her contribution and dedication to the school and all the students. Her 'on-the-steps' presence will be missed and DCIS thanks her for all the time and effort she has put in through the years.

In fact, her 'on the steps' presence was much more than a physical meaning for so many DCIS families. Dr Roach was a 'constant' in the lives of the children, as she knew the entire student population by name and would greet them every morning and bid them farewell every afternoon.

Appropriately, during the presentation one of her quotes was projected onto the screen:

There is a place for every child

Who is known by name

Whose voice is heard and

Who has a friend

So, not only will he breathe easier

He will learn to be the best he can be


Some of the commentary from DCIS parents:

  • She taught me that our fast paced and transient lives as ex-patriates was only worthwhile if we learnt to use what we have for the benefit of others.
  • My hope is that the community will continue to build a spirit that is beyond the 'self' and beyond the physical - and provide children with what is truly needed in this world: More love and hope.
  • Inspiring teachers stay with you for life ; inspiring Heads influence a whole generation of students, their families and community.
  • Our sincere salute to Dr Roach for her significant contribution and support towards the cause of I-India! Your incredible support streamed the light and brightness around the lives of poor and marginalised children.
  • Your example of life and dedication will always inspire the people around the globe and will give organization like us a strength and a belief that anything impossible can be done with kind hearted efforts!