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18 February, 2020

IBDP Theory of Knowledge - TOK Presentations

IBDP Theory of Knowledge - TOK Presentations Theory of knowledge (TOK) plays a special role in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), by providing an opportunity for students to reflect on the nature of knowledge, and on how we know what we claim to know. During the Secondary Drop Down Day in February our Year 13 delivered their TOK presentations.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) in its essence is the pursuit of an answer to the question, “how do we know what we know?” As you can imagine, it is no easy feat, however, as part of the IBDP core, it is an essential part of applying all other subjects to the world around us. TOK challenges students to consider perspective, and to focus this consideration around central Areas of Knowledge (AOK’s) and Ways of Knowing (WOK’s).


By Isabella, Year 13

The TOK presentation is a way for students to showcase the knowledge and insight they have gained throughout the program to their peers and teachers. The process of creating these presentations are extensive and demanding, from finding a Real-Life Situation (RLS) to formulating the central Knowledge Question (KQ) and developing the arguments with relation to the AOK’s and WOK’s. The quality of presentations produced speaks for themselves. 

The scope of TOK is unlimited and universal, after all, it encapsulates everything we know about our world and beyond. This led to the wide range of presentation topics presented this year, from the questioning of modern beauty standards to the future of art and technology to the ethics of the development of ‘designer babies’. A full list of the presentation topics is at the end of the article. 

Leading up to the final presentation, the general air of excitement and determination shone through the students as they prepared for the final drop down day on the 12th of February. The full day of presentations was attended by the Year 12 students, teachers and the rest of the Year 13 cohort. Students discussed their presentations in great detail, engaging with modern issues and displaying the knowledgeability of the senior class. There is no doubt that they left the audience with a wider perspective of the world around them, sparking the sense of innate curiosity that is fostered through the TOK course.

Although the Year 13 class may have completed their TOK requirements, we will continue to make use of the lessons we have learned from Mr Jones within our day to day life. Questioning everything, and accepting nothing. Thanks to TOK, we will not be walking into the future blind, but rather, equipped with the tools that we need to ensure we do not fall victim to the curse of ignorance.