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13 March, 2020

DCIS Science Week 2020

DCIS Science Week 2020 The annual celebration of Science was as fantastic as always, with amazing science shows and a nerve-racking Year 9 Science House Quiz. Hero2

Despite the challenges faced from this new decade of progress and pandemic, the DCIS Science WEEK 2020 was resolute and ploughed on to success!

The week began on a Friday (obviously) with Mr Goold’s (now) Famous Fire Show, a celebration of all things firey, combustible and of course his singed hair. It is always incredible to see just how many of our learners are willing to volunteer when the prospect of setting fire to a teacher is on offer!

Monday kicked off with Mr Sacre’s Sound Show, a session which chewed and spewed out the outstanding science behind notes, noises and vibrations; leaving the audience inspired by floating flaming sound waves, and vibrational patterns that would impress even the harshest art critic.

Tuesdays are always an electrifying affair in the Physics Department, but even more so when Mr Tuckley gets out his Van De Graaff, for his Legendary Lightning Show. It is undoubtedly a sight for the bold, with learners charged and sparking, displaying what appears to be superhuman abilities of levitation and firing electrical sparks from their fingertips. Thankfully, these powers are short-lived … or so we believe!

Wee-oww Wee-oww is that the sound of the Police? No, its Mr Short’s DCIS CIS team! If you need cutting edge science to solve those crimes, these are the guys you want by your side! Testing and identifying suspicious substances, decoding and cracking the secret messages and using forensics to identify offenders, is but a days work for this super scientific squad.

Thursday was the finale, and Miss Haworth’s Bone Hunt was a jaw-dropping, pelvis-shaking, femur-slapping experience! Our learners located, excavated and identified the boney remains of skeletons from owl lunches, during our lunch-time; all were undoubtedly hooting for joy at their discoveries!

The Science WEEK’s greatest treat is always the much appreciated DCIS Science House Quiz; this year delivered to a smaller audience of just Year 9 but filmed for all to enjoy at their pleasure. The science teachers again began with a sterling performance of music and dance, the like of which we have become accustomed to them delivering, but remain impressed with how much these crazy cats can Boogey and Groove. The Quiz had four rounds, testing knowledge, skill, sensory ability and silliness. While it was not without a slither of controversy (was there cheating?!), Newton were crowned deserved winners for the second year in a row! Despite it being a close-fought victory, the learners of that yellow house have lived up to their name-sake, and I am confident Mr Isaac is certainly smiling somewhere out there.

Mr Goold
Head of Science