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Success stories

Discover the profiles of some of our Alumni, whose unique professional careers make the pride of Champittet! You will also find the profiles of the winners of the Alumnus and Alumna of the year award.


William Gargiullo

At Champittet from 1964 to 1974 (classical Maturité)

Chargé de Mission, GCSP (2004)

«  Champittet taught me values that helped me both professionally and personally: discipline, respect of each other and an international mind, thanks to all the intercultural discussions with the other students. These values are accompanied by other important points, such as the organization and planification, or savoir vivre. All of this was of great help during my military and defense attaché career. Since several years, I am working for the GCSP, an international foundation in favor of peace.  »

« A value that was also taught by Collège Champittet, seeing as the respect of one another has always lived in the school walls. This is why my children are attending Collège Champittet themselves. »


Hadj Ali Tanit

At Champittet from 2001 to 2002 (French Baccalauréat L)

Regional Enrollment Manager, Sommet Education (June 2013)

« Champittet opened many doors for me, from the human and professional point of view. I made friends for life, but not only. The year of my Baccalaureate taught me to become more autonomous. Seeing as I was a boarder, I was away from my family, and the teachers, tutors and students became my second family. I learned how to be more opened to the others, and I also learned a lot from other cultures and nationalities that surrounded me. Professionally, Collège Champittet taught me to never take anything for granted, and always give the best of myself. »

« Thanks to Champittet, I learned to think out of the box, without any fences. Coming from a very conservative country such as Algeria, I will never thank my teachers enough for always being there for me and listening to me with patience. »


Maximilian Büsser

At Champittet from 1976 to 1985 (classical Maturité)

Owner & Creative Director (July 2005)

 « Apart from winning all my Trivial Pursuit games when I graduated, Champittet gave me boundaries when I needed it the most. Structure, rigour, discipline, but also a 360° vision over the world, curiosity and pride to push my limits. There were some extraordinary teachers, for whom I am extremely grateful to have given me the will to learn with integrity. I graduated and had my Swiss Maturité… 32 years ago. The Collège Champittet and the education of the time has nothing to do with today.  »

« Every day, I thank my parents for the sacrifice they made to allow me to spend all my schoolyears at Champittet. »


Philippe Rebord

Philippe Rebord

Alumnus of the year 2016/2017
At Champittet from 1968 to 1976 (classical Maturité)

Chief of the Swiss Army (1st January 2017)

 After a licence in French and History, I joined the Swiss Army in 1985. After several functions in the Army, in 2016, the Conseil Fédéral named me Chief of the Army starting on the 1st January 2017.

« I learned to think in an autonomous way at champittet. This helped me in my studies at the University of Lausanne as well as in my studies in the Army College in Paris. »


Maryline Andersen

Maryline Andersen (-Thys)

Alumna of the year 2016/2017 - Ex aequo
At Champittet from 1990 to 1993 (Scientific Maturity) 

Dean of the ENAC Faculty, Maryline received the Daylight Research Award in 2016.

Maryline is a physician and has a PHD from the EPFL. She has spent one year at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in California. In 2004, she was selected for a position of Professor assistant at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in the USA. She spent 6 years  in Boston, where her two daughters were born. In 2010, she was offered a position of Professor associate in the EPFL. Since 2013, she ist he dean oft he ENAC faculty, which contains architecture, civil engeenering and the environment sciences. She also teaches building technologies.

 « My years at Champittet allowed me to develop new friendships that still exist today. The Swiss Maturité was a great challenge that helped me consider the difficulties as an opportunity to learn and to give the best. I have great memories from this time. It helped me grow, intellectually and socially.  »


Diane Bonny-Vauthey

Diane Bonny-Vauthey

Alumna of the year 2016/2017 - Ex aequo
At Champittet from 1984 to 1992 (first year of the girls !)

Diane is CEO at DEPPELER SA (SME of dental products) since 2007

 „ After finishing my Swiss Maturité with the socio-economics option in Fribourg in 1992, I went to HEC Lausanne and gratuated in 1995. I then went to England for a little while. In 1996, I had the opportunity to join Deppeler. I worked there for 10 years with the previous owner. In 1998, my husband joined me and we bought the company in 2007. We keep creating exclusive quality products for dentists. Before being a business woman, I am a mother! Two boys born in 2002 and 2005 who have had the chance to go to Champittet.“

« Champittet taught me the importance of work and mutual respect in life. I went there for 8 years, during which some of my teachers helped me grow up. The diversity of the people that I met is still a huge help today, in my international work. »


Vanessa Kressman

Vanessa Kressman (-Waechter)

At Champittet from 1991 to 2000 (scientific Maturité)

Vanessa has just been promoted Category Regulatory Affairs Manager at GSK (preparation of scientific files on medicine that have to be approved by the health authorities before they can be sold)

 «  Even after my miserable 3/6 in biology at the Swiss Maturité,  I followed my heart and studied biology at the University of Lausanne, then did a PHD in Natural Sciences in Zurich. I left the world of research and ist frustrations fort he world of pharmaceutical industry. I am doing quite well and am slowly climbing the steps to a higher position. »

« Spending 9 years at Champittet had an influence on the person that I am now. The good and the bad moments helped me build my personality and to keep fighting whatever happens. I think that without Champittet I wouldn’t have been able to finish my studies, because I did not have very good grades. I always felt protected and lucky to be part of the Champittet family. Three weeks ago, I saw two former classmates in Los Angeles. I hadn’t seen them since the Maturité, and we spent the evening remembering our Champittet memories. »


Furcy Hamoir

Furcy Hamoir

At Champittet from 1984 to 1992

Furcy contributes actively to reduce pollution and fossil energy consumption by developing solar panels in Switzerland. He works for Swiss Solar City.

« After nearly 9 years at the boarding house of Champittet, 4 years at the University before obtaining a Master’s in Economics, I begin my professional career and join a private bank for which I will work for 15 years. After getting an MBA, I finish my banking career in the general direction. In 2015, I wanted to be closer to reality. I joined 3 partners and we created a start-up whose goal is to become to biggest photovoltaic production plant in Switzerland. It already furnishes around 3000 households in renewable energy, and it is only the beginning…( »

« More than just a school, the boarding house of Champittet has been a school of life for me. The most important thing that I learned is the value of friendship. It is this value that guided me through life. »


Alberto Mocchi

Alberto Mocchi

At Champittet from 2001 to 2005, French Baccalaureate ES (grade very good)

Alberto was elected President of the Verts of the Vaud canton.

« After obtaining my French Baccalaureate, I studied political sciences at the University of Lausanne, then obtained a Master’s in International Relations. I am active since 2006 whitin the Verts of the Vaud canton, which I presided the youth section during 5 years. After my studies, I was hired as campain director for Mrs. Béatrice Métraux, who ran for State Counselor. I was then hired as personal counselor for Mrs. Métraux. »

 « At Champittet, I learned to open myself to the world. It also taught me how to work rigourously and with discipline, which was very useful for me in my studies and at the beginning of my professional career. It is also at Champittet that I started to be interested in envirnment and politics, after some discussions with my great teachers who did not want to influence their students but only teach them how to be good citizens. »


Thomas Mustaki

Thomas Mustaki

At Champittet from 2000 to 2005

Thomas Mustaki is a major representant of the swiss contemporary artistic scene.

Thomas began his work in 2005, in Lausanne. Since more than 10 years, he continues his graphic exploration, centering himself on elusive characters that have become his trademark. His pictural practice is very complex, technically and instrumentally. He paints on various objects and are very different from one another.

« The values that I learned at Champittet really touched me. Tolerance, love and kindness are the most important ones. To be honest, I never was a good student, but it never stopped me from feeling part of the Champittet family. I will never forget how some teachers helped me go through this complicated chapter of my life. Finding one’s way is more important than being a good student, for me. And Champittet helped me a lot. »


Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard

Champittet Maturité 1976 (classical Maturité)

Psychiatrist et aeronaut

It is in 1999 that Bertrand Piccard became famous in the whole world, when he did the first world tour in balloon, after 19 days of flight and 45‘000 km without any stop. It was his third trial. A few years later, he wants to repeat that experience with a solar plane. Created in 2003, the airplane named Solar Impulse completes its first international flight from Payerne to Brussels, on May 13th 2011.

Bertrand Piccard blended his experience as a practician with his experience as an adventurer. He aims to inspire the people he talks to, not to do the same trips as him, but to help them find the inspiration they need in their personal or professional life. He teaches them how to manage their stress and what to do in a critical situation.