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BSY Sports Round Up September 2019

We are only five weeks into term and the sports opportunities at BSY are already in full flow.  The success at the end of term Sports Awards in June saw the theatre full of students and parents celebrating their achievements which, this term has transpired into inspired and ambitious sports people.  I said at the awards that the job of a PE teacher (for most PE teachers) is the best job in the world…. This still resonates… but it also makes us some of the busiest teachers at BSY!

Our unofficial goals this year (for secondary) are three-fold.

  1. To finish top two in all MISAC Competitions.

  2. Increase the numbers of people taking part in sport and particularly competition – thus gaining more experience and preparation for future years.

  3. To increase the number of secondary school swimmers.

We are currently on track to meet all of these however, they are only the tangible targets we have for our department and students.  Whilst these are the ones that can be clearly measured and judged, it is not the reason why we do our extracurricular job!

Training for Secondary students started in the second week of term to make sure students were as prepared as they could be for the upcoming season, opportunities across this term and beyond.

So far this term, we have taken part in over 22 fixtures, four exchanges and the swim time trial meet.  Students are able to access before school and after school opportunities as well as the new academy programme at weekends.  The provision for sport is certainly broad and inclusive.

Participation is our aim in the PE department.  With time and a wide grassroots provision we will see more success at the higher, more competitive levels.  This was a view that we adopted last year to ensure that our programme was developmental and sustainable over years and not just in the short-term.  The exchanges that we host give all our squad players an opportunity to perform in a competitive environment that many other schools do not offer, whilst our participation in the MISAC competitions ensure a more structured competition experience.  We continue to look to further expand this programme through a number of avenues.

That said, the success seems to be coming relatively quickly with our students lapping up the access to our facilities which, I am sure you will agree, match the best that Yangon has to offer.  At the time of writing, our U14 girls basketball and U19 boys volleyball sit at the top of the respective leagues, and our U14 boys basketball and U19 girls volleyball lie in 2nd place across our regular MISAC seasons.  The outlook is very positive and it should be noted that in our U19 competitions, other schools have Y12/13 students to select from whilst we only have Year 10/11 currently.  With all things considered a fantastic achievement!

And then there is swimming…  Over 120 students are regularly swimming over the course of a week from Year 1 – Year 11.  A huge feat that could only be accomplished with the expert guidance of Miss Nyein, Mr Nay Lin and Mr Saw. To see Year 1 students competently perform a single stroke is an achievement, let alone four strokes!  These skills will see them not only develop their swimming ability, but more importantly, they have the potential to save their lives!

Finally, the weekend opportunities through the Swimming Academy are further developing our students’ physical fitness and helping ensure they are competition ready, all whilst growing socially and holistically.

On that note, whilst this blog has primarily been about what we have achieved and done, this would not have been possible without the support of parents and without the drive and passion of the sportsmen and women in the Secondary School. Above all the victories and titles, it is the personal growth and development of the students that is perhaps the most inspiring and motivating outcome.  Already this term, the PE department has received a number of emails from parents amazed with their child’s attitude towards PE and how they have changed from reluctant participators to inspired and committed sportspeople - often in one or more specific sports. This is a testament to our pupil mindset and the commitment of my team.

There is a wide range of evidence that supports the arguments that taking part in sport results in a longer, healthier life and also the achievement of higher academic results.  These are all fantastic outcomes but they often miss the real process of participation and challenge - the development of one’s self-esteem, confidence, happiness and growth. Seeing a student take this journey is the reason why a PE Teacher’s job is so great and (in my opinion) the best job in the world!

The future of BSY students and of BSY sport is certainly looking very, very positive!!!

I look forward to working with many of your children as they participate in sports at BSY.

Mr. Dean

Director of Sport


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