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Reading Millionaires - Students use Accelerated Reader

By using the Accelerated Reader system to get ideas about what to read at their current reading level and to see how well they have understood a book once they have finished it, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have been able to keep a record of their reading this term.

Many students have read over 1,000,000 words since August - impressive achievement!  Accelerated Reader only counts the words if students pass the book quiz, so these students have shown good understanding of what they are reading, too.   

Here are some top reading recommendations from three of our millionaires:

Camille, Year 8 student recommends…

I recommend Earth’s Children. Earth's Children is a series of historical fiction novels written by Jean M. Auel set circa 30,000 years before present. There are nine novels in the series. It is a romantic and sad story for boys and girls. The main character is a girl called Ayla she has been separated from her family by an earthquake. She is adopted by a group of people who are not considered as human. She learns to become a nurse with her adoptive mum. In her new group men are more powerful than women. Women are not allowed to kill animals to eat and they are not allowed to make tools that are going to be used to kill animals.

Alex, Year 8 student recommends…

I highly recommend reading the Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch. There are five books in the secret series and every single one of them was very enjoyable.  It is about a boy and a girl becoming friends and joining Terces Society, fighting against the evils of the Midnight Sun, who are a group of alchemists that want to find out the Secret so that they can live forever.  Each book represents one of the five senses, touch, smell, sight, sound and taste, but I leave the rest for you all to find out!

Brandon, Year 8 student recommends…

I would recommend Ender’s Game as a book for young adults. The book is about Andrew Wiggins, (Ender) who lives in the future where humans are at war with aliens called buggers. He is a third child, meaning he is considered a disgrace. Although he is a child genius, he has to face the problems and hardships to earn his respect and when the Third Bugger War starts, he is humanity’s only hope.    Rating: 10/10

If you are looking for holiday book ideas, go the website.  You can search for books on the Accelerated Reader system by author, title and by using the difficulty level of the books.  All the students can access their current book level range through the Accelerated Reader system.  Happy Christmas Reading!

Tamara McKenna, Head of English and English as an Additional Language

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