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Eco Committee Blog

02 March 2018

Catch up on all news to do with Regents International School Pattaya's Eco Committee.

  • Eco-Schools_Silver Aware
  • Eco Code
  • Re-fill station
  • Re-fill station
  • Re-fill station
  • Re-fill station
  • Re-fill station
  • Bamboo Straws
  • Friends of the earth after school club
  • Ann-Marie
  • Eco Day Petition
  • Eco Day Petition
  • Eco Committee Meeting 26.04.18
  • Eco Committee Meeting 26.04.18
  • Eco Committee
  • Eco Ricoh visit
  • Year 3 Eco School Exercise Routine
  • Eco Sensory Garden
  • Eco bottle top art
  • Eco-cup
  • Eco Challenge 2018

FOBISIA Environmental Conference

The 2019 FOBISIA Environmental Conference, held at Bangkok Prep School from 20 - 23 March, gave our Regents ECO Voice students the chance to share their views and concerns about the scale of human impact on our natural world with similarly eco-minded students from other FOBISIA schools. Through workshops, games, talks and visits, students learnt how the future of all life depends on young people gaining the knowledge, skills and passion for nature to make them want to have a relationship with the natural world that can build a more sustainable future for them all. Watch the video from the event here.

'Sustainable Living' is the theme for this year's ECO day at Regents on 3 May. ECO Voice students look forward to leading workshops on this day to empower our student body about making small changes to create a lifestyle that is realistically sustainable for all individuals.

The Eco-Schools Award

We are pleased to announce that Regents has been awarded the Silver Award by the Eco-Schools Programme. The assessors had a positive experience visiting our school and have commended us on the work that our students, staff members and parents have done to help the environment. Well done, everyone!

Eco-School Assessor Visit

This Thursday we have a visitor who will come in to assess our eco-school status. We would like to celebrate all the involvement you have had in various eco-school initiatives. As a Round Square School, taking a lead and serving for the environment is embedded, so please remind yourselves of all the wonderful things we do at Regents: within the curriculum, house competitions, CCAs, Round Square week, FOBISIA and Project Based Learning etc. Please remember our Eco Code that was launched on Eco Day back in March.

Our environmental review, action plans and various evidence that we have compiled can be viewed here:


Thank you all for your contribution to make Regents an eco-school, and let’s showcase our great effort on Thursday!

Re-Fill Station
Great green news from Eco Committee parents! The Re-Fill station for household products and personal care products will be open on Monday 11 June on campus. Everyone is welcome to purchase organic/natural products, and this is a great way to be eco-friendly and to reduce your plastic use in your everyday life.  Please see the below for more details.

  • Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:45-8:30am. Tuesday and Thursday from 1:50-3:30pm.
  • Where: room 107 in the languages building, behind the coffee shop.
  • Products available: natural household cleaning products and personal care products such as washing up liquid, floor cleaner, shampoo and body wash etc. All products are sold by weight. There are also reusable straws and bamboo toothbrushes available to purchase. 
  • Please bring along your own empty bottles/containers that are reusable to buy refill products.

All proceeds will go towards the Eco Committee project for plastic reduction.

Eco Bricks

Our CCA, Friends of the Earth have made this PowerPoint to promote Eco Bricks that could be used for our farm!

Bamboo Straws

Regents Eco School is spreading in the community! Year 3 Emma and Mia bring their own bamboo straws everywhere they go. Please say "No straws, please." or "Mai ao lod kah/krub." when you order a drink in a restaurant or a cafe. Every little helps, so please join us in reducing plastics in the beautiful sea!

Friends of the earth after school club

We have started to work on promoting all Regents community, especially secondary students, to bring their own REUSABLE BOTTLES.
We have started making posters and videos to show how we can use the new RINSING STATION in front of the tuck shop.
5 THB off drinks if you bring your own reusable cup!
Reduce plastics, and protect the sea creatures!

Eco Code Poster

Introducing the artist behind our new eco code poster, Ann-Marie from Year 12.
On EcoDay all students have promised to follow this eco code :
Responsible consumers
Reclaim our environment

Let us REmind ourselves to follow this at school, at home and around our community!

Eco Committee Meeting Minutes

Eco Day Petition

On Tuesday 1 May, the Eco dudes officially handed in the petition we collected on Eco Day. The petition is for us, Regents, to create a farm. We will have compost, keep animals and grow some food to be used in the canteen. The principal, Ms Sarah, was very keen and discussed with the students the benefits a farm would bring to Regents. The farm would help us care for the animals and the environment, reduce waste from food preparation from the canteen, and be more mindful about our health and wellbeing.

Eco Challenge 2018

How ECO are you at home and outside of school? Show us photos of yourself helping out the environment at home, around town or in nature by uploading them to Moodle - Whole School - Eco Committee and don't forget to add a caption in the comments section to explain what you are doing in the photo. We will be handing out big prizes on our Eco Day on Thursday 22 March, and further leaf/house points will be given from the eco dudes after!


On International Day, the Eco Committee sold 93 eco-cups designed by Anne-Marie from Year 12. Our pillar leader, Jessica has done a fantastic speech on stage promoting our reusable cup initiative. The cups are still available to buy from the uniform shop and for using this cup, you will get 5 THB discount every time you buy a drink with Epicure!

Let's reduce, reuse and protect our environment!

2018 – Eco-committee on the Mission to Support Sustainability and Combat Climate Change at Regents

The students have come up with their own ideas to follow the World’s Largest Lesson from the The Global Goals, Sustainability and Climate Change.  They will be patrolling around each classroom and checking:

1)      AC temperature setting ABOVE 24 degrees

2)      All electrical devices are switched off if not being used

They will leave a large message on the whiteboard for all the students and teachers. They will be recording and reporting back for future action plans.

Every Little Effort Helps the Environment, Join our force!

Term 1 Week 16 - Early Primary Sensory Garden Opens!

We have opened up the fence in the EP playground so that the children can access nature more. They also have dens, tents and pebbles to explore. You can see that having biodiversity in school is important in the children’s development.

Term 1 Week 15 - Reduce Reuse Recycle

'Friends of the Earth' CCA students have created a mural using plastic bottle tops. The image depicts the plastic flowing down into the sea. We wanted to raise awareness that every time we buy and use disposable water bottles, we are polluting the sea and damaging living things. Let’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastic bottles!  

Term 1 Week 14 - EcoSchool Theme, Wellbeing is part of our curriculum

The Year 3 children have made their own exercise routine to promote healthy lifestyle. They also wrote dance instructions as part of their English lesson. Come to Primary playground in the morning and you will see children dancing and being active!