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Initially, my interest centered around the differences of textures within nature and within the human body. Earlier in the course I took a service trip with the school to Tanzania, which allowed me to find differences in a developing country. The native’s use of their surrounding environment in their everyday lives was very evident to me which, allowed me to develop my idea around how it is inevitable for man made creations and the natural world to coexist.

  • Angela

Especially in this era where the rate of developments in the field of sciences and art is so
ever increasing daily, the line between man-made creations and nature becomes even wider yet blurred. The exhibition not only shows my appreciation of what we have now but, it is also my way of making people aware of the changes which humans brought and are still bringing into this world.

“A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark
except where exposed by the light”, quoted from Leonardo da Vinci, the artist that has heavily
influenced my works throughout the course as I’ve had many attempts on starting from a black
base. The research I carried out on him was never troublesome because I always felt intrigued by his free-spirit, curiosity and disregard to what was deemed as correct at the time he lived. He dug up corpses to dissect and further examine the anatomy of humans to better his understanding on the human anatomy.

Although a taboo, his free-spirited mind-set, made me envy his ability to live his life the way
he wanted as well as disregarding any rules created by society. Although, in the present days, I
understand the importance of enforcing rules in society due to it diminishes mass disruption and chaos to our society. I still have a deep desire to break free from these rules in order to live freely and work towards building my own path of life. I have always had the belief that a majority of things that we aim for, such as being rich or getting the highest position in the company are just for social status. These things were constructed in order to keep control, and have people conform to the social norms hence, enabling our society to easily taking things for granted.

Perhaps this perspective may be influenced by the culture I come from and live in — a
collectivistic culture which values unity, solidarity and uniqueness. I believe each individual holds the right to express themselves regardless of our differences. However, living in a culturally diverse country such as Thailand allowed me to witness a different range of people, perspective and motive on life. I have noticed that the majority of the art in Thailand gets its influence from buddhism which is reflective of the nations moral and ethical values. This is similar to the Baroque era where the styles are usually found in churches or chapels influenced by Catholic Christians.

I believe the root to my frustration stems from having to lose so many people close to me because of a disconnection and inability to understand one another anymore. I believe it was due to our different perspectives and viewpoints on life which caused my disconnection with certain people. It saddens me when someone close to me associates success with materialism and believes that, success can be measured through their possessions. I find it frustrating how society nowadays, are blinded by materialism and not associating success with happiness. However, there is no escape because this society has been built to benefit humanity through order for centuries and, without it the world would not systematically function the way it is. But there is more to our lives than these successes, but people tend to forget what guided us from the start: from the first spark of fire. That is mother earth and her natural world, yet awareness is the key term. Although it is inevitable for people to ignore nature and vice versa, we can still find a way to live in harmony while benefitting both. Without this there will only be an imbalance which would lead to the destruction of our home, planet earth.