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Model United Nations Delegates Reflect

09 December 2014

Ten delegates and two teachers embarked on a three-day trip to Ho Chi Minh City for the FOBISIA Model United Nations Conference at the end of November.

Our delegates represented either Argentina or Russia in General Assembly, Human Rights Commission, the Environment Committee, ECOSOC and the Security Council.

Four of the ten delegates share their reflections on what they all agree was a worthwhile educational experience.


On Thursday, I and nine other delegates left school with a lot of excitement. Vietnam was a country new to most of the delegates. When we reached Vietnam, we faced many challenges at the airport, for instance the lost baggage of one of our teachers and the hot and humid weather. At the hotel, the staff of the ABC International School welcomed us warmly. There was a lot of nervousness in most of us because we were all seeing new faces.

On the second day, after a nice buffet breakfast we were divided into our separate committees. Timothy and I were in the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Committee). We spent the first half of the day merging our ideas with fifteen other people up to make a resolution. As a committee, we produced four resolutions. I was the main submitter for one of the four resolutions. I felt proud but very anxious because I knew I had to make many speeches to get people to support my resolution.

On the third day, the big day of debate had come. The first resolution passed with a majority of votes in favour for it even though I went against it. It was my resolution next. There was so much pressure because the first one had passed.

My resolution was about measures to solve the problems of overpopulation. This topic is very important to me because the world is facing the problem of scarcity. I gave numerous speeches and was attacked by all nations but I managed to answer everyone adequately. In the end, everyone just ganged up on me and the resolution failed. It was very hard to accept the failure of my resolution. This taught me a lesson that was to make the resolution more concise by making it more related to my country than to make it more global, and to not contradict myself in the resolution as I was doing unconsciously.

Nevertheless, I managed to gain a lot of experience and knowledge of MUN from the more experienced delegates in the conference. They made good amendments that taught me how to actually structure my resolution. Furthermore, I had to apply this knowledge during the next two resolutions. I made two major amendments in one of the resolutions and both of them successfully passed. This was great because it heavily boosted my moral. So I believe my trip improved both my MUN debating and amending skills. I am so glad to go on this fruitful trip and am very eager for next year’s trip.

Kartik Khosa
Delegate of Argentina in ECOSOC

My Unforgettable Experience at the FOBISIA MUN

The trip to the FOBISIA MUN in Vietnam was one of the most positive experiences I had in MUN. As this is my fourth time participating, I chose to represent Russia in ECOSOC. I thought the topics were relevant and that I could at least grasp what was going on and have some knowledge to be fast enough to debate. As I am good at technology and business, the ECOSOC was the most relevant to my personality!

Day 1: Day one was traveling, we were going to Ho Chi MinH City and it is a 4 hour and 20 min plane ride. We arrived after a short delay, but stayed in the destination airport for at least another hour due to visa problems and baggage lost.

Day 2: This was the opening session where people meet each other and learn about the committees. Overall I thought it was the most positive and less strict introduction, which gave the delegates a positive attitude to have fun and learn! After the opening speech, we went to our groups and started merging resolutions! I was with the delegates of Argentina, France, Australia, Korea and myself Russia! It was a newbie group so it was quite a fun experience making some fun jokes along the way when making the resolution!

We had a whole day of contribution and our resolution was able to pass the approval board the first try! This is the first resolution that I have contributed to and know how to due to the positive and well organized state of the conference. The Chairs were very friendly and helped me a lot, from giving suggestions to guiding me through the process and procedures! After the resolution’s approval we wrote our speeches for supporting it towards solving population problems! I didn’t even know we had to, but it was fun!

Day 3: Day three was a day of debating our four resolutions that each group had made. It was a tough day, but nonetheless, we struggled to follow the arguments from nations and tried to come up with solutions in such high pace situations. The Chair supported me with ideas that I could use to amend the resolution. I was amazed, as the Chairs were very supportive and willing to help even in different ways. One thing I have to say is this is actually the first MUN that the Chair helped and supported me in a debate, which led to an amazing conference, with lots of things learnt. Examples of what I learnt include the language used in MUN debates, the voting procedure, how to write and amend a resolution and writing an MUN speech. Overall, the day ended in a very positive and productive manner!

DAY 4: This was the last day and all the best resolutions of each committee were submitted for a large MUN debate. The MUN debate in a large room was fun as the more experienced delegates from all committees were pitted against each other. I learnt that a delegate has to replace their own views with those of the country they are representing. , This is one thing that can be hard, as it can be against one’s beliefs. But, this was an important lesson as one gets to appreciate why people from different nations behave and act differently, which I believe will make me even more tolerant of others’ views. The day ended with a closing speech and one thing that I remember the most is one of the committees quoted “One of the delegates said Steve Jobs invented Microsoft” I never expected this to be a MUN closing speech but it was a surprise! The day ended with a video, reflecting the 3 day conference.
Tim (Guann Jen) Chan
Delegate of Russia in ECOSOC

Reflections on an Amazing Conference
The first day of the conference was quite possibly the most nerve-racking. We didn’t quite know what to expect of other delegates, the chairs, and the conference as a whole, and spent much of the day trying to get to know other delegates, but also trying to get our resolutions co-submitted. We also had a meal at the school that night, so that gave us a chance to really get to know other delegates even better.

My favorite day was day 2. On that day we had a lot of work to get done; we had to try and pass all of our resolutions, and that was often really hard for me especially- with countless Points of Information and (several) references to Russia’s ‘involvement’ in Ukraine. For a majority of that day, we were in conference or taking breaks where we got to know the delegates better.

I think that the last day of the MUN conference was the great. I really enjoyed the debate session that the Security Council went through today, and was glad to have the chance to continue the Security Council meeting rather than joining the plenary debate. The SC got very intense at certain points, with two or three veto threats, but the resolution on ISIS did pass with an overwhelming majority. I also heard that the plenary debate was intense, and that North Korea declared war!

We were all sad today to say goodbye to all of the new friends we had made in our councils, but I’m sure that the friends we have made will keep in touch with us online through social media.

After the closing ceremony at three in the afternoon, we had a lot of free time, in which we explored the city of Ho Chi Min and left the hotel. We also had a really nice Vietnamese dinner to sum up the trip.

In general, I think we all had a great time at this MUN conference, and are sad for it to be ending it, but can’t wait to attend the next FOBISIA MUN conference, so we can debate on key issues, and see our new friends again.

Joseph Hilditch- 10B
Delegate of Russia in Security Council

For me, it was a nice experience in this trip because I’m currently more aware of my expectations as a MUN delegate both prior to and during the conference.

I was at first, nervous and anxious about speaking in front of so many delegates and chairs in a conference room because I had no previous MUN experience. I encouraged myself to speak in front of everybody and told myself not to be frightened during my speeches or when making a Point of Information. I made a resolution in the General Assembly 1 about protecting civilians in a safe zone. We were in groups and my group made a good resolution and waited to see if anyone supports or doesn’t support our resolution view point. I made notes to help me understand the proceedings better, while some delegates made their speeches and sought to support them.

I would like to attend another MUN conference trip in a foreign country because it’s a fascinating experience. One also gets to develop social skills and meet new people in an unfamiliar place which makes the whole experience worthwhile.

Anderson Chien 12B
Delegate of Argentina in General Assembly 1