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NAIS Pudong Students at Model United Nations

21 January 2016

Seven delegates represented our school in one of the biggest Model United Nations conferences in China, the Concordia International Model United Nations (CISSMUN). This took place from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th January 2016. Various topics of global interest were under discussion and our delegates represented Mexico and Kenya in the Human Rights Commission, Environment Committee and the General Assembly. The delegates worked hard in preparation for this conference during the CCA meetings. Here is their account of the three days of international discussion and debate.

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I am extremely honoured to represent our school in the 8th annual CISSMUN conference. With over 800 passionate delegates, this is a platform for great minds to share their opinions towards current world issues, and producing resolutions with practical, constructive solutions to such problems.

After arriving at Concordia, all delegates were sat in the sports hall for an inspiring speech by the director, Mr Paulson, as well as a data scientist working for IBM to raise awareness of technology as an integrated part of modern society. We then split up into our respective committees.

I represented the delegation of Mexico in the Human Rights Council. We then proceeded with our opening statements, addressing topics such as ensuring the safe passage of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea, abolishing gender-selective abortions, as well as combatting hate crimes towards a specific race. It was interesting to see the different stances nations had on such matters, and I was able to place these views into context and make links as to why a country will feel strongly about one topic or another with the knowledge obtained from recent news. At first I was quite nervous about my opening statement and about its requirements, as this is the first time I've ever had to write one, but after listening to other delegates present their own ideas I felt more confident and addressed the council in an orderly manner.

We then proceeded to the lobbying stage, where delegates merged their resolutions together to create a resolution to be debated the following day. My resolution was primarily focused on ensuring the safe passage of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea; therefore, I cooperated with the delegates of Indonesia, Morocco, Japan and Botswana in drafting up a final resolution amongst us. Initially we disagreed over some clauses, as they were not entirely relevant or were simply too vague to be included, such as "providing welfare to immigrants"; after three hours of hard work we had completed the task and approached the approval panel for the ratification of our resolution.

This marked an end to day one of this three-day conference; not only was I able to improve my qualities as an MUN delegate, but I was able to meet people from all over the world who also have past MUN experiences that they were able to share, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from them. I look forward to day two, when the actual debating session will occur. I aim to speak on behalf of Mexico and engage in fruitful debates, not limited to the topic of our own resolution.​

Ashley Fung delegate of Mexico in the Human Resources Commission


On day 2 we started at around 8am at Concordia International School Shanghai. It’s on this day that we started debating the resolutions created during lobbying and merging the day before. After arriving in the school we all separated into our committees (GA1, Disarmament Committee, Human Rights Committee, and Environmental Committee). A break took place then at around 10 am (on a staggered schedule to avoid overcrowding of the cafeteria), and it allowed a few of us to talk and discuss how things were going in our committees.

After 2 hours of debating, the delegates were let out (on a staggered schedule again) for lunch. After lunch we returned to our committees to further debate some resolutions… Everything went fairly well, and at 3:30 the debates came to a close until the next day. We met back in the cafeteria of the school and we returned to the bus to get back to our school, and from there home.  Despite sitting for most of the day, everyone was tired at the end of the day and was glad to return home to relax.

Mathilde Venet delegate of Kenya in General Assembly 1


I took part in CISSMUN as the delegate of Kenya for the Human Rights Council. We debated six resolutions on the refugee crisis, anti-Semitism in Europe and gender-selective abortion. I was a co-submitter for a resolution on combatting anti-Semitic crimes and related violence in Europe. We suggested immediate intervention into these crimes through the enactment of laws and harsher security around synagogues, along with long-term solutions, such as education, to tackle the root of the problem. Our resolution passed full house after several amendments.

As always, MUN broadened my perspective towards global issues that I may not have encountered if I had not taken part in the conference. I greatly enjoyed the organised debates, writing resolutions, passing notes, making amendments and it was sad to think that this may be my last conference. I met people from all over the world in CISSMUN, some even from South Africa, and it was a great experience overall. It was surprising that anti-Semitism was such a big issue and the European public opinion poll results were shocking. Even last week on Monday in Marseille, France, there was an incident where a student used a machete to injure a Jewish teacher wearing a kippa. I believe these issues need more attention and I hope that more students will take part in MUN to further engage with the global community.

Jiwoo Hilary Lee Y13C Delegate of Kenya in Human Rights Commission

By Mr Joseph Gichana and students