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Year 7 News - 28th October 2016

28 October 2016

Find out what's been happening in Year 7

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This week the students have been engaged in active, collaborative, cross-curricular learning by participating in the very first Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) Day at NAIS Pudong. They were placed on a carousel of workshops, namely design process workshops such as Perfect Pylons and Hoop Gliders as well as taking part in The Big Draw. Here the students worked on large canvasses, blue acrylic sheets with white ink ready to be backlit and also illustrated a large dragon that will be hung in C block. It was wonderful to see the students acting as bigger siblings during the team events as they were paired with Year 6 too.

Another select group of students were placed with a guest professional illustrator who showed them the technique of painting with ink. Well done to Yoko Iida, Grace Shen, Forrest Yao, Lenard Chang and Jai Rao for being chosen to take part. Please see the many photos that are above.

I must also congratulate Juliette le Godec (7C) and Mia Dajani-Keenan (7B) for achieving 50 house points so far this term. This is a fantastic achievement – well done! Both Juliette and Mia were presented with their certificates during today’s assembly.


Nine Year 7 students have applied to go to the MIT event held in Boston in the summer of 2017. Only 4 students from Year 6 and 7 are allowed to go, therefore to aid the selection process they have been asked to “Hack the Tube”. The judging panel is eagerly awaiting their hacks to choose who to go on this trip in what must be a very difficult to decision to make. Good luck to those students who are participating.

Project Week

Everyone is all very excited and filled with anticipation over our trip to Yangshuo.  During Guidance lessons students have been preparing English and Sports lessons for the local children during Project Week. They have put so much time and energy into these activities – I cannot wait to see them being little teachers for their captive audience.

Please be advised that the flight times have changed slightly. We will be meeting at school on 31st October at 04:15am to arrive at Pudong Terminal 1 at 05:15am where Mr. Bailey will be waiting for those students who will meet us at the airport. Please ensure you aim for Area C where he will be waiting. We will land in Yangshuo at 10:10am when our week of activities and community service will take place.

On the return journey, we are also leaving earlier, leaving Yangshuo at 10:55am to land at Pudong Terminal 1 at 13:10. For those of you who are picking up your child can you please ensure that you e-mail your mobile number to me on  As you can imagine it will be hard to monitor any changes to this whilst we are away, so please get your requests to me before Monday morning. Thanks in advance.

You should have had an email regarding the school trip phone number, which for Yangshuo is 13564266086. Please only use this if there is an emergency and remember that “No news is good news” as I cannot guarantee the network connections. You can find all photos and blogs from Project Week on the tumblr blog which can be accessed through

One more finally thing for Project Week, could you please ensure that the passport/ID number you used to register your child on the jotform is the same as the original identication – this is to ensure that all ID matches and that there are no hold-ups whilst checking in. May I also take this opportunity to remind you that phone battery chargers should not be placed in hold luggage as they are likely to be returned and will need re-packing. Thanks in advance for all your help in ensuring that they get on their way in a timely manner.

Packing list:

There have been some concerns over the packing list from the students regarding the water sports clothing. We need this in order to do the caving activity. I have reinserted the packing list – should you need to look over it again. Also with the students dressing up for Halloween on the evening, they may also want to take some treats for afterwards. Please ensure your child is NOT in Halloween costume for the travelling to Yangshuo.

The autumn climate in the Yangshuo area is cool to warm, however it may also be rainy at times, so we recommend a good mixture of warm and wet weather clothing to ensure that students are properly clothed at all times. The temperatures typically range from 18 to 26 °C. This is our suggested packing list for your trip, including the clothes worn.


•           5 T-shirts (synthetic is preferable)

•           1 sweatshirt (evening wear)

•           1 waterproof outer shell jacket with hood

•           3 pairs of shorts

•           2 pair of pants/jeans (evening wear)

•           5 changes of underwear

•           5 pairs of socks

•           1 full set of old clothes and shoes for caving (will get very muddy)

•           1 pair of sneakers/hiking shoes (will get dirty)

•           1 pair of extra sneakers (for when first pair gets wet/dirty)

Watersports Clothing

•           1 Long sleeve surf shirt/rash guard

•           1 pair of neoprene water shoes (essential)

•           Board shorts / one piece swimsuit (please NO bikinis)

•           1 lightweight towel


•           1 daypack 20 – 35L (essential)

•           1 litre water bottle (essential)

•           1 bottle of water resistant sun block SPF 50+ (essential)

•           1 small bottle of bug spray (essential)

•           1 pair of sunglasses

•           1 hat/cap (essential)

•           Band aids & hand sanitizer


•           1 head torch/flashlight

•           Personal toiletries, including body wash, toothpaste & toothbrush.

•           Medication & note from parents to leader giving explanation/permission.

•           A small amount of spending money.

•           Camera (optional)

• Phones & small electronic devices are not forbidden on the trip but should not be used during the activities. Insight Adventures takes no responsibility for electronic items used during activities by either students or teachers.

Also the school iPad should not be taken on the trip.

Student Reporters

These are from 7A this time, who have given us an insight into some of their lessons.

Luca Jones – Spanish

In Spanish it has been great. We’ve been learning so much in all different kinds of ways. The way we learn helps me; I especially like the mini tests we have to check our understanding. I cannot wait to learn some more

Joshua Charnesky – Design Technology

Students of year 7 are happy to have almost have finished the funky chickens in DT. Some examples are cat chicken, computer chicken. Some people are almost ready to sew their chickens together and fluff them.

Zainab Rizvi - English

This week in English we have been learning about Greek and Roman mythology and reading myths such as: Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds, Icarus and Daedalus and many more. Our beginning with myths led us into Freitag’s Pyramid. This is the developed version of the story-mountain including exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. To end the week, we started planning for our interim assessment where we had to write a myth with a moral “Be Ambitious”. We all worked alone, in pairs or trios to plan our myths but we wrote them out separately, this really helped us to get a basic idea of what the real assessment would be like in November.

Naina Jaiswal - Science

There are many subjects that we love, but I think the subject that we love the most is science. Science has an open space to let you explore and learn new things. But you need to be careful, science is dangerous sometimes! Never forget that! There are so many topics in science like chemistry, biology and physics. Oh, we all must love science!  Thanks to all the science teachers at this school we get to learn the most interesting subject of all.

Lenard Chang – Mandarin

In Mandarin class we are learning how to write characters. The students are very interested in it. The mandarin teacher is full of patience and is very nice. The students say Mandarin is a great subject to learn.

Pinkette Oyuchi – Music

Pinky has produced a piccollage of her experiences in Music and it also has been shared with the above photos.

Coming up in the next newsletter will have student reporters from 7B. We look forward to reading their highlights from Drama, Science, Design Technology, History, ICT, English and of course Project Week.

Upcoming dates are:

31st Oct – 4th Nov – Project Week

11th Nov – Staff Training Day

14th Nov – School Holiday

21st Nov – Start of Assessment Cycle 1

27th Nov – Christmas Bazaar

9th Dec – CCA’s finish for Term 1

16th Dec – School closes at 12pm for the holidays.

Please wish us all a safe journey to Yangshuo – I look forward to sharing our experiences with you shortly.

Paula Alderson

Year 7 Leader