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Year 10 News - 18th November 2016

18 November 2016

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Over once more it is time to reflect on the Year 10 Project Week experience for 2016.

Fun, beautiful, picturesque, fortunate; inspiring, tiring; are just some of the words used by the pupils to describe their experiences in Western Guizhou.

For those that were unable to follow us via our Tumblr blog page I will give you the brief highlights of our 5 day trip.

Day 1

The day of outward travel began early with our 5am meet time at school! On our arrival at Guizhou we met our lovely Insight team. Experienced, friendly and knowledgeable they were the ideal leaders for our cultural tour in one of the most ethnically diverse areas of China. During our drive to the hotel we were informed about the key facts about the mountains and the people that reside in the poorest area of China. On our arrival at the hotel the pupils learnt about the service that they would provide at the local school and they worked in groups to come up with practical ideas to any challenges they may face.

Day 2

This day proved to be a real highlight of the trip. The pupils worked tirelessly in a local school of 500 plus pupils. Here they painted classrooms, did work on the corridors and mixed with the local pupils. It was amazing to see enjoyment from both the different set of pupils – NAIS and local children towards each other. Our pupils were a credit to themselves. They learnt a lot about teamwork, hard work and also some things about the difficulties of teaching! Particular mention should go to Nian Er Tan and Katrina Lo for their non-stop work ethic at the school. Many of our pupils also excelled at occupying the local children. Tommaso Carnelli was brilliant in leading a whole class learning experience whilst others sang to the pupils, played sports with their new friends or even tried to out run them during their lunch breaks!

Day 3

On day 3 we got to enjoy the wonderful scenery and fresh air that China can offer. As a group we went on a 17KM bike ride through the villages, hills and rivers around Guizhou. It was a wonderful contrast to life in Shanghai or even to the chaotic previous day of work and play with the local children. The pupils had some fun trials to test out their biking level and their new equipment before we began our 3 hour ride. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience with some massively improving in their biking skills. Credit here must go to Carrie Hsu who gained much confidence in the day and even led the group through part of the journey. This tiring day was completed with local food, song and a dance in a nearby village with the Baoyi people – a fascinating way to end the day!

Day 4

Day 4 began the start of what would be our camping focus. As part of the International Award it was necessary to have a practice for our Adventurous Journey in March. The pupils excelled themselves on this day in demonstrating the skills that they have. Vital lessons were quickly learnt with regards to what to pack in bags and what footwear to wear for future hiking. On arrival at our camp site the pupils highlighted their skills at pitching tents. Congratulations to the girls for outperforming the boys in this area! Then we began one of the most challenging and fun experiences of the trip – the camping cook off! In groups of 6 the pupils chose their ingredients, selected their roles and began cooking their own evening meal. A few hours later it was great to see the pride on their faces with what they had produced. All pupils worked effectively in their teams either in preparing, cooking or clearing away what was left. Particular mention should go to the main chefs that led the groups – Louise; Rianne; Nathaniel; Tomasso; Cherry; Riccardo.

Day 5

Our final day on the trip began bright and early. The pupils packed away their tents and began the process of finishing up the cooking tasks – breakfast. Again the teams did great with Victoria, Hannah, Louise and Abby leading the way with their creative granola balls! Once tidying up any evidence that we had been there the pupils attempted to light camp fires with natural implements. Though it was a difficult task all groups managed to light a fire with our self-proclaimed “Fire Master” Laurenz Wiener leading the way!

To sum up I felt that the trip was an amazing experience for the pupils and the Year 10 team. The service, biking and the camping all contributed some memorable moments and it clear to see how well the group bonded together with their peers and staff on the trip. It really highlighted to everyone how valuable the International Award will be this year and how rewarding completing their Adventurous Journey will be in March.

International Award

The pupils have now had a session recording the details of their weekly skill, service and physical recreation sections. Though they should be filling this in themselves I am hoping to arrange another session before the break in order to monitor their progress.

Regarding the Adventurous Journey in March the next instalment of 1000 RMB is due on the 4th December.


Over the next 2 weeks Year 10 will be having assessments to complete as part of the whole school cycle. These should be nothing new to your child as they would have already received some form of regular assessment within their individual subjects. Normally in the form of a past paper these are a vital way for both teacher and pupil to know how best to progress. If you have any questions regarding these please contact either myself or the subject teacher concerned.  


Last week saw a number of our pupils excel at Fobisia in Manilla. Despite facing tough opposition the teams performed incredibly well with the girls winning the basketball competition. Congratulations to Abby Cartwright, Rianne Arts, Louise Way, Amelia Haynes, Vanessa Oyuchi, Julia Jobst, Victoria Deschamps, Till Scholten, Tommaso Carnelli, Thomas Wallace, Riccardo Perone, Alistair Wong, Laurenz Wiener, Ken Yu and Nathaniel Joshi for their efforts last week.

Student Reporters – new and old opinions of Project Week

This was my first Project Week. It was unique, fun and exciting. Activities like camping and hiking helped me get to know new people because in both of them we helped each other and worked together to complete tasks. This trip made me appreciate the things I have and helped me realize the different realities in China. For example, the village we went to didn't have big buildings or luxury malls like Shanghai. It's a quiet and nice place with hard working people and my impression is that they don't have as much as we do but they are as happy as we are. Five days was the perfect time because it allowed us to bond as a year group and also make a positive impact on the school we worked with.

Martin Marchant

This was my first Project Week and I found it really exciting. It was fun helping out in a local school by painting and trying to teach them some words in English. I also enjoyed the biking and the hiking. Here we went past local people who plant their own food which was interesting to see how they still work with such old equipment. The camping was also an important practice for our International Award and we cooked for ourselves and after many fails managed to make a fire. I had 5 really nice days and got to know my classmates much better. Although I missed my own bed I look forward to the next project Week.

Julia Jobst

Last week, I went on my first Project Week from this school to Guizhou. I think it will be difficult to do better! Firstly, we visited a local school, the children were nice and funny and I enjoyed working with them. Secondly, I really appreciated the hike and the bike- it was great to do some physical activity. The camping with my friends was funny and I learned many things.

Pablo Coste

Last week, I went on my fifth Project Week in this school since Year Six. The destination was Guizhou, located in the southern part of China. This is one of the best Project Weeks I've been on and I enjoyed the trip a lot.

My favourite activities were biking and camping. The view around the mountains was beautiful and the air was fresh and clean. I enjoyed the ride even though it was tiring and rough in the end. I appreciated the performance from the local people and learnt a lot of things such as making a camp fire. The night camping was cold but I enjoyed the natural and unpolluted environment. Even though the sleep was not as comfortable that was okay because the main reason was to explore the nature and learn skills.

Ken Yu

I think that Project Week was fun and interesting. We helped some children at a local school, we painted the classrooms and played with the children who were really friendly and welcoming. One of the activities we did was biking and it was a lot of fun. The hiking was much easier than I thought it would be and the camping part was really fun as well, even though it wasn’t very comfortable!  Overall, I think it was a good Project Week, the scenery was beautiful and the local people were very nice and helpful.

Arsene Roule

I enjoyed biking day the most. During the biking I saw many beautiful and peaceful views of Guizhou. I could feel and see the differences between Shanghai and Guizhou.  Even though I was exhausted and hungry by the end I think main importance of the trip was to challenge ourselves and we achieved it!

Ji Woo Han 

Finally, please see the attached document outlining the details of the Assessment Cycle starting next week.