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Year 10 News - 2nd Dec 2016

01 December 2016

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Year 10 Newsletter

As the term is moving to an end, things have been as busy as ever. Here are some of the main areas that Year 10 have been involved in.

Project Week

Despite Project Week being completed we have been spending time to reflect on the experiences of last month. This has meant that pupils produced individual reflections to ensure that they had time to consider all aspects of the trip. Particular attention was paid to the camping and hiking as this will be used as their practice for the Adventurous Journey that they will complete in March.

To further ensure that all years learnt from the week of service and activity a special Project Week assembly was held this week. The pupils in Year 10 worked effectively in teams to showcase our experience to the rest of the school. Each team creatively demonstrated what each day encompassed through the use of photographs, videos and music. The end result impressed the other year groups and showed the Year 9’s what to expect for next year! It also enabled our students to be prepared for the Panda experience of the Year 11 Project Week!  With regards to the collaboration I would like to thank all group leaders – Aaron Yong, Chloe Le Godec, Puhsti Sehgal, Thomas Wallace and Nian Er Tan. In addition to this I would also like to thank Victoria Deschamps and Abigail Cartwright for leading the presentation on stage.

International Award

The pupils have been continuing to work on their service, skill & physical recreation elements. Some have begun to show real development in the three areas. In particular the service that some of the pupils have been involved in has received praise by the teachers that they are helping. Mrs Platt has regularly praised the work of Cherry and Nian Er in their assistance during the Ballet CCA whilst in Primary a huge increase of pupils have turned up to the Homework Club. Well done to Victoria, Abigail and Hannah Scott for creating such a popular club!

The service impact of the International Award was further shown by the efforts of some of our Year 10 cohort at the Christmas fair this Sunday. Wanting to help raise some money for the local schoolchildren that we met in Guizhou the girls led their own stall for people to decorate cookies in their own Christmas spirit. Not only was the idea a popular one but it was also effective in raising a good amount of money towards the school and the girls should feel proud of their efforts on the day. Well done Rianne, Katy, Julia, Cherry, Hannah and Louise!

Regarding the Adventurous Journey in March the next instalment of 1000 RMB is due by the 5th December.

Senior Vocal Group

The last two weeks has also seen much hard work from some of our musically talented members of the Year. JiWoo Han, Yoona Jeong and Julia Iwinska all took part in the NAIS Senior Vocal Group at various hotels in Shanghai. Those that managed to see the girls at the Ritz and Kerry Parkside all praised their part in creating a great festive experience!

House Update

The House System got off to a flying start this term with the opening ‘Teamwork Thursday’ house competition. Students across the Secondary School competed in many different team-based activities in which house point were awarded to teams who collaborated the best.  Dao were the winners of this competition and led the leader board for about a week until the Dodgeball competition, where De house took the overall win that boosted them to the top of the leader board!

De also won the Internationalism Quiz that was run by the Senior Student Leaders; however it was Li house that pushed into the lead. Reason; well, it’s not simply the big competitions that put house points on the board. Students are constantly achieving House Points in class, in and around the school for good work, on an individual basis. These House Points are totalled every two weeks and added to the accumulator. Students in Li house were doing a great job inside the classroom and edged into the lead because of it!

De house soon pushed back into the lead with a win in the Perfect Pylons MIT competition. Though, once again, the battle at the top bounced back to Li after a big win in the Xmas card completion. After the count from Form Tutors this week though, it seems that De house have edged their way back to the top.

Who can predict what will happen next as students will battle it out for the best decorated Christmas tree in the house Christmas Tree competition. Over the next two weeks, students will have the chance to bring in their decorations and place them into the house box. On Friday 9th December, students will have 20 minutes to decorate their tree. The winners will be judged by Mrs Wallace, Mr Lawrence and the Senior Student Leadership team. Good luck to all! Here are the latest scores on the doors:

1st Place              De          4529 points

2nd Place             Li             4374 points

3rd Place              Qi            4095 points        

4th Place              Dao        3913 Points


The first assessment cycle is now coming to a close and the pupils should soon be getting feedback from the teachers. As always the most important part of the process is the reflection on what went well and what can be improved on. For some it might be specific knowledge that needs to be understood in a subject area whilst for others it is learning how to improve organisation or revision techniques. Below are some views of students and what they learnt from the assessment cycle.

Student Reporters – reflection on assessments

Looking back to the start of the year we all have made a big progress, now is the time to review and test them. It's nearly the end of the term now, we have 'welcomed' our assessment cycle one, during the assessment cycle, there are few subjects that students have found challenging: biology, chemistry, business and mandarin.

I have found biology the most challenging subject because I haven't yet understood the course well enough, by getting ready for the next assessment cycle, it would be necessary to have understood the context instead of memorizing them. I have found mandarin easier than I expected, but I will still have to work hard to keep it that way. By the results of these subjects being the hardest shows that we have to pay extra attention and revise extra longer for these particular subjects (this could be done by making flash cards). This might make the grades have some improvement. 

Sarah Li Jenkins

This week was our first assessment week of IGCSE. To help revise for my tests I found flash cards extremely useful as they help test your memory. Alternatively you could try making mind maps as they are an efficient way of note down all your ideas. One of the most important skills in IGCSE is exam technique. This is something that I need to improve on, for example using your time effectively in exams.  This is something that I will try to develop over the coming year.

Alistair Wong

For the next assessment cycle I would be equally prepared for all my subjects not just doing lots for one and nearly nothing for another. My revision techniques are that i write flash cards or notes on the subject that I am revising for. For example for history I try to remember the dates and what happens in that event.

Katy Sapsford

For me the most challenging tests were economics, chemistry and maths. Whilst I found the easier tests were business and PE as I understood the key concepts more. The way that I revised for these examinations was, I took notes down from the text books that we were given for each subject and made a poster then stuck it on the wall. This way every time I woke up I could see the information and read it.

Kamogelo Thage

I found the science test the hardest because it was all in one week and it was difficult to revise for. I found Business easier because we had lots of preparation for it, such as exam style questions and how we should structure the question. Some of the revision techniques that I used is to study in a quiet room with no distractions like my phone. I also had small breaks between the revision sessions. There are a lot of things that I would have done differently such as reading the question more carefully so I don't miss out on easy marks. Also in my Business test I realised that I should link my answer to the question and be specific when answering question.

Cherry Mei