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Year 10 News - 18 March

18 March 2016

Firstly, I hope by now you have received all your son or daughter’s assessment cycle two grades. If you have not, then please ask them, as all subjects will have now handed back assessments. I hope you are seeing improvements in your child’s attainment and are pleased with their progress. Attainment and progress reports will be distributed on the last day of this term (25th March).

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It has been a busy and exciting time recently at NAIS Pudong, both inside and outside the classroom. We have had Beauty and the Beast, Space week, Book Week, numerous sporting fixtures, and the Careers and University Fair. Coming next week is possibly the most exciting week of the year: International Week! The Parade of Nations and the International Food Fair really is something to behold. If you have not been before, you should make every effort to attend. Dates and details are below.

I would also like to congratulate and thank a few students. Firstly, well done to all students involved in Beauty and the Beast, there were some outstanding performances in a marvellous show. I would like to say particularly well done to Lukas and Arianna in their starring roles; they were magnificent. I would also like to say how heartwarming it was to see how caring and kind our students were, as we said goodbye to Shota Sato. Shota leaves us to return to Japan and he will be missed. This goes to show what a cohesive and kind group the Year 10 students are.

Now let’s find out what is going on in the classroom…

View from the Classroom

This past fortnight, the Year 10 French class finished their topic of ‘Là où j’habite’ by producing their own video presentation of Shanghai or other favourite towns in French.  Most students used photos that they had taken or downloaded of those cities but some even got out and about to film on the Bund with some excellent results.

The Year 10 IGCSE group is learning how to describe a person’s appearance. The students have used the vocabulary and sentence structures to introduce a famous person in their own countries. Finally, they managed to make a magazine called “World famous person”.

Year 10 Geography students have been using lateral thinking in their study of factors affecting industrial location. After some initial research and study, students were given the task of creating a presentation to explain the various factors. Words were forbidden and, while students were encouraged to write a script, the actual presentation had to be done from memory.

This approach meant that students have to process the information and select images which would both illustrate the concepts and remind them as the presenters of what they wanted to say. By working in this way and presenting without a script, students will be more likely to remember the material and will also develop their skills in presenting to a group of peers.

The final presentations showcased the ingenuity and creativity of our students here at NAIS Pudong. Most students combined maps, photos and clip art images to create holistic representations of the concepts. Amanda Phiri took a different approach with images representing each word of her presentation.

Georgie Mills and Agnieszka Zachariasiewicz had the remarkable idea of using  Star Wars and Lord or the Rings to illustrate different approaches and problems!

Student Reporters
Each edition now contains information from the student perspective, for a real insight into life at NAIS Pudong…

Aziz Niazi
This week, I enjoyed all the subjects we had. But these were the ones I enjoyed the most:

Business: We learnt about marketing and market research by analyzing different parts of the marketing department (such as the sales department, promotion department, etc.), the process of market research and what it involves and how different companies, such as Apple, stand out from the competing market for electronics.

Computer Science: We learnt about computer ethics, the laws and regulations for the usage of computers and data. We explored themes such as hacking, data protection, e-waste and its environmental impact.

French: The theme of the week was holidays. We learnt about different locations in France and what they’re best known for. We learnt how to describe different places and cities and the local activities there, why you like to go to certain holiday locations (e.g. the city, the countryside, the seaside, etc.) and what you enjoy the most about them.

Personally, I enjoyed Business and Management the most, because it was engaging, interactive and simply fun. I really liked how we explored the themes of advertising, market research and identifying consumers buying habits, tastes, trends and fashions. The most fun part was where we all brought in our favorite Apple products and then, in groups, evaluated them based on the factors that affect the consumers’ choice of purchasing a smartphone. I also really enjoyed creating our own survey on what factors are most important to people in our year group when buying a smartphone and compiling the responses.  

Marcel Natter

English - We have been exploring the difference between descriptive and narrative writing. Also, we have been writing our own versions of both types and sharing with the class. We’ve also learnt about how to structure our own stories in a way so that it makes the reader entertained and interested throughout the entire story.

Mathematics - We are learning about sets and how they work. We have specifically been looking at the symbols used in making sets and when we should or should not use them.

Mandarin - We have begun a new topic concerning the buildings in a school like the library, gym and canteen. Then we have also learnt a few new sentence starters and words with multiple meanings.

This week, I have really enjoyed History because of the fact that it was highly interactive. It was very nice how we were allowed to first play games regarding our studies. After that, we also had our own chance to study what we wanted due to the fact that in our history class we all had different strong points and weak points.

Lovisa Lindquist

Economics - In economics we are learning about the production of goods and services within companies. To introduce this topic, we held a small competition in groups to see how many cubes we could make in 15 minutes.  It was a very interactive activity and we later reflected on how it went and why.

DT - For the past few months, we have been working on our individual DT portfolios for our IGCSE exams (with the exception of revision for assessment cycle 2) and so we have been on the computers a lot in class. We will soon start drawing out possible ideas for the real product we will be making next year. It will be very exciting to see what people decide to make.

History - We have recently started our new topic, America, and since nobody really knew anything before this, it’s been interesting for all of us. There has been a lot of source work and new terms and events which not many had heard of before.

English - After assessment cycle 2 and our small descriptive writing module, we have started to read a play called ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller, which has been fascinating for everyone. Since Ms Jeffery was gone last lesson, we wrote an essay response based on the first few pages and I think it definitely helped increase our understanding of the play.

My highlights of this past week were our football game and trainings. This is because our game went very well with a 7-0 victory on 7-a-side against SCIS Pudong. In training we have also been doing lots of fun drills, set-plays and have played lots of mini-games to improve our skills in game situations and prepare us for ACAMIS. It was a real shame that our game against Dulwich was cancelled because we were all looking forward to it. We are really excited for the games coming up and hope for more great wins and a very successful season. 

Antonia Arbert

Art: During Art we have been developing our skills with a new topic, decay. We have been investigating our skills with acrylic paint; however, we have done several different media, charcoal, pencil, pen and pastels. We have chosen parts of an image we have taken ourselves and drawn the figure of the human body. We can all draw from our own perspectives. We are all developing our skills of highlighting.

Business:  During our business lessons for the past few lessons we have been learning about market research. We brought in cereal boxes and tasted them we also created questions about our favorite cereal, investing market research. In Business we do a lot of group work and for me personally this makes the lesson interactive and fun.

History: During our history lessons, we have started a new topic, the USA. We viewed WW1, USA involvement in WW1, its reactions and so on. We have also viewed the mass production and the economy boom, how the USA was ready for the boom and its key economy policies. We did quite a lot of interactive work, and many activities which were really helpful for our knowledge.

This week we have had many exams during our lessons; however, my highlight of the week was Art. I enjoy Art a lot, I find it interesting. We are able to be as creative as we want and have time to improve our techniques to become better. I personally like the topic we have been doing so far. Even though it’s a hard topic, we are able to try new things and develop our skills. I especially like drawing with charcoal it is messy but interesting to draw with.

Global Classroom
Upcoming Dates and Deadlines
21st March - Visual Arts competition launched
21st March - Creative Writing competition winners announced

Dates for your Diary

21 – 25 March – International Week (Including food fair and parade on Wednesday 23rd)

24 March – International Music Evening

25 March - Tanzania trip departs (year 12)

25 March – Term 2 reports distributed

25 March – end of Term 2 (re-opens Tuesday 5 April)

Mr J Dawson

Year 10 Leader