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Year 7 News - 22nd April 2016

21 April 2016

Hello again, after what feels like another busy fortnight! Thank you to all of you who attended the Year 7 Awards Assembly. It was a true honor to stand on stage and announce all the winners from our amazing year group. It is clear that teachers think exceptionally highly of Year 7 and have recognised what they have achieved so far in Year 7 through these awards. It certainly is not just about being the best at a subject but also about personal achievement and progress. I was delighted to see students receiving awards for subjects that they really struggled with at the start of the year. With help from their teachers and their own determination to succeed, they have truly made outstanding personal progress. 

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Whilst we are on the topic of celebration and success,  on the morning of Sunday 17th April, eleven Model United Nations Delegates headed to our sister school at BISS Puxi to participate in the BISSMUN conference.  With delegates ranging from Year 7 to 12, this was a representative group and really showcased the talent on offer at NAIS. The Model United Nations is a fantastic platform for practising what we preach in terms of promoting a truly global outlook. After a session of lobbying, caucusing and merging of resolutions, the delegates embarked on passionate debating in their various committees. At the end of the day, outstanding delegates were rewarded for their relentless contributions in their respective committees. Standing proudly among the winners was one of our youngest delegates, Warren Gichana who bagged the Most Diplomatic Delegate award in the General Assembly. This was a huge feat for Warren as he was attending only his second MUN conference. So passionate was he that, at some point, the chair barred him from taking to the floor. Congratulations Warren! 

I will now leave you to enjoy the ‘Student Reporter’ section of our newsletter. This week, members of 7A share their highlights of school life over the past few weeks. 

Student Reporters

The past week in PE we have been doing basketball in the double lesson and swimming in single lessons. The most recent lesson was a single lesson, which was swimming. We were working on freestyle sprints. This Thursday we have a double lesson and we will be working on basketball. 

Maddie 7A

In Science, we have recently started a new topic: reproduction. Before we started reproduction, we were learning about atoms and particles, which in my opinion was very fun and interesting. In that topic we would do practicals and other activities. The topic itself was also interesting to learn about. It answered a lot of questions I couldn't answer before. Overall, the last few weeks of science have been fun!

Ali 7A

For the past few weeks, in Drama we have been studying the 'Theatre of Cruelty'. It has been quite an exhilarating, exciting, and interesting experience so far.

The origin of the 'Theatre of Cruelty' (so I have heard from our Drama teacher) was due to a man named Artaud who was considered insane. Because of the very narrow understanding of the human body the doctors electrocuted the patient as a cure, hoping that the patient would get better. As this man was experiencing the electrocution, he saw visions; visions about what we were starting to study during Drama - the Theatre of Cruelty.

One of the true reasons why Artaud decided to create such theatre, he said, is to provide liberty, or freedom to our sub consciousness (Our instinct, or as we say, the 'animal' part of our brain).

To achieve the Theatre of Cruelty, you had to complete three manifestos (Things you need to do in order to complete something): The piece has to be Dreamlike, Symbolic, and has to do with the Sub-Consciousness.

To make something 'Dreamlike', we had to do something, or represent something to make the audience feel like they're actually in this scene. For example, let's say, what does it feel like when you're on a roller coaster? Exhilarating? Scary? Now, try to make someone feel like they're on a roller coaster. It's very hard, isn't it? So we have tools in the Theatre of Cruelty. They are called 'Metaphysics'.

What does 'Metaphysics' mean? Break it down first. There are two main words: 'Meta-', and 'Physics'. Now define them. What is it? The answer you should get are : 'Meta-' means 'Half', and 'Physics' means 'How Things Work'. Put them together. What does that mean now? It should what we think, 'Half of How Things Work', but actually, it means 'Half Reality'. How can we do that? We use different tricks and tools to play upon the audiences' mind to make them believe they are in a 'Half-Reality' world, or, as we widely known as, Dreams.

We have learnt some very basic tools that we use in the Theatre using Metaphysics. For example, we could make a person; disappear, feel like they're floating, flying, feel like they're sinking into the ground, falling ('Grave Digging'), and making them fall.

One of the simplest is what we call 'Grave Digging', in which you allow the person to lie down, facing the ground, then hold their hands up (Make sure their eyes are closed and they are completely relaxed), then lower them slowly. They should get the feeling of themselves sinking into the ground or feeling like they could never feel the ground again.

Another one is to make the person stand, with their hands held out beside each other with you standing behind them, ready to catch them. Allow them to become frozen stiff and fall right into your arms. (Be sure you can catch them) The person who is experiencing this should at one point felt like that you're never going to catch them. This may vary from person to person since some will panic, some will not.

Yvonne 7A

Views from the classroom


This term's topic is persuasive texts and how they are structured. This task breaks down formal letter writing into jointly-constructed paragraphs which will be sent off to Nicky Morgan, MP to advise her to raise the school starting age of pupils from 4 to 7 in UK schools. After research, we are now perfecting our arguments in order to connect paragraphs and make sure we are being persuasive enough!

Design and Technology

Our Noteholders are very nearly finished and students are now beginning to learn how to draw an object in 3D using isometric projection.


Year 7 have just begun their latest topic in Art where they will create a character based on the story of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This week, we have been looking at the work of different illustrations and have been learning to draw in the style of Tim Burton. Next week, we will be colouring in our characters, so watch this space for the results!

Student of the Fortnight

This fortnight a massive well done goes to Angus Yang. Angus’ teachers have been really impressed with his progress over the past few weeks and have commented on his determination to do well in lessons. His focus and consideration for others is clear in the classroom. I have been particularly impressed with the technical advice that he gives to others in Art to help them. Well done Angus and keep up the hard work!

Global Campus

With a growing amount of challenges and activities available on Global Campus, here we have a few highlights from Global Languages.

Bringing together the enormous range of languages and cultures across our family of schools, this area will help you to connect, learn from each other, and improve your linguistic skills.

We are excited to announce the second World Languages Challenge, the Global News Report! This challenge will give you the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and practice your writing skills in a language that you are studying at school.

What do you need to do?

The challenge is to create a written report on news from your local area in one of the following four categories: News & Current Affairs, Sport, Business & Economics, or Culture (film, music, theatre, restaurant reviews). Think about these questions - will you interview anyone as part of your report? What research will you need to do? Be creative as you can! Your news report must not be more than 250 words long, make sure to check the rules before you upload your entry.

The rules...

  • Your entry must include your name, school/where you are reporting from, and what language the written report uses
  • The report must be in a language that you are learning at school
  • Each report must be no more than 250 words long, and submitted as a typed word document file
  • If possible, you are to include a picture/photo/image to accompany the report

Video files must be uploaded to the Global News Report Dropbox folder by Monday 25th April.

Prizes will be available for news reports that are selected to be part of the final Global News Report, and will be confirmed later in the term.

Good luck!

Dates for the diary

Thurs 12 May                           Stage and Screen Evening

Mon 23 May                              End-of-year assessments for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 (until 3 June)

Sat 4 June                                Summer Fun Day

Mrs. Charline Procter    

Year 7 Leader