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Year 10 News - 8th April 2016

07 April 2016

Firstly, Year 10 Awards Ceremony is on Tuesday 26th April at 10.30. A formal invitation letter will be sent to you very soon. We hope you can make it.

I hope you had an enjoyable and restful spring holidays whether at home or away. The busy season is now beginning at NAIS Pudong as the Year 11 and 13 students approach their final examinations. This is also an important time for Year 10 students, as many of them will be sitting early entries in subjects such and Mathematics and Modern Foreign Languages. The Year 10 students will also look forward to their end-of-year assessments at the end of May. All of our students continue to show dedication and commitment to their IGCSE studies and they are a pleasure to teach. Dates for exams are listed at the end of this newsletter. 

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Year Group News

Outside the classroom we celebrated International Week in the final week before spring break. This colourful and exciting week never fails to disappoint, with the parade of nations and food fair as the focal point. It was great as always to see our students representing their nations and in their national colours and dress, as you can see from the accompanying photos.

In the sporting arena, many of our Year 10 boys and girls have their SISAC football tournament tomorrow, and will be travelling to Beijing for ACAMIS in two weeks. As the boys’ coach I know how hard the teams have been training for these events. We wish them every success and are hoping for some silverware.

I would also like to congratulate Joseph Zachary Chong who once again has excelled in the karate arena at the national championships in Xian. Joseph Zachary competed in the 4th JKA China Karate competition representing the Shanghai team. He managed to obtain 1st place in the Team Kata event. Huge congratulations to Joseph!

Now let’s find out what is going on in the classroom from our student reporters…

A View from the Classroom

Sarah Thornton

German - In German this week we have been learning about the importance of the different cases and how to use them accurately in your writing. This has been reinforced through us writing descriptions of family and friends, making sure we are grammatically correct and have very few errors with switching between cases.

English - In English this week we have just started a new play titled “A View From the Bridge”. We made short powerpoints on the background and context of the play and presented it back to the class. Today we also began exploring the relationship between the two main characters: Eddie and Catherine.

Biology - In Biology this week we started a new topic of ‘Blood and Circulation’. As an introduction to the topic, in groups we dissected a heart, and tried to identify and label the different features of it.

Chemistry- In Chemistry we are currently studying rates of reaction, and factors affecting rates of reaction. We carried out experiments using hydrochloric acid and marble chips, changing the surface area of the marble chip each time, and therefore we were able to see how a change in surface area affects the rate of reaction.

This week, I have particularly enjoyed Biology, as we got to dissect a heart. Although it was a little gruesome, it was interesting being able to apply knowledge from the textbook into a real life, interactive experience. The topic we are currently studying in Biology I find particularly difficult as I haven't studied it before, but by having a visual representation and doing the dissection in class, it really helped me to understand the topic more clearly. Afterwards, we did a small quiz on the features of the heart, so we could see how much progress we had made from the beginning of the lesson to the end of the lesson. I’m looking forward to the rest of my biology lessons this week, and learning this topic in more depth.

Gerald Gan

Economics - In Economics, we were put in groups to solve a task. The aim was to make as many paper cubes in 15 mins with a given amount of scissors and glue. The purpose of this task was to split the job up between the people in the group. This is called division of labor and it means dividing jobs between workers to help speed up production.

Biology - In Biology, we learnt about the immune system and how our bodies fall sick, and how we use vaccination to cure the virus. At the end of the lesson, we were given worksheets to complete to see what we've learnt in class so far. We did interactive work and group discussion and came up with final answers for the questions.

Ticiano Gao

Business: For Business this week, we have learnt the marketing mix about product, we looked at businesses that are doing very well in marketing such as Apple; we are asked to bring a favorite Apple product and we need to introduce the product in the class about the functions and advantages of our favorite products.

Mandarin: In my Mandarin class, we have worked on a presentation about the Tang dynasty and we presented it on Wednesday and Friday lessons. The reason we are doing this is that this presentation can help us understand details of the Tang dynasty such as the society detail, financial detail, the level of happiness of the common people, also the most important part is to know about the An-Shi rebellion.

English: We have been working on a drama play called “A View From The Bridge” which is quite interesting. During the study, we need to perform it in order to help us get a better understanding of the characters and the background of the story which happens in the 1950s.

Maths: In my Maths set, Ms. Otula is teaching us about vectors. We are learning about the definition of vectors and also how to solve questions involving vectors, such as magnitude and bearing of vectors.       

The subject that I enjoyed most this week is Mandarin because we did a presentation about Tang dynasty and it is really inspired my curiosity to search more information about the Tang Dynasty and I’ve done well in my presentation by showing my classmate all details of the Tang dynasty and the An-Shi Rebellion. I think it is a brilliant idea to let us present it because it really helps us understand the Tang Dynasty as we are getting a lots of information while making the PowerPoint. Also when we are presenting it, we are improving our Mandarin speaking skill especially as we need to present it without the speech draft.

Arianna Pantalone

Mandarin:  This week in Mandarin we started a new story called “散步”, in English it means taking a stroll. In classes, we read and annotated each section of the story. We spread into groups and picked a character each to annotate. When annotating, we had to talk about the characteristics of each character and picked out a quote from the text to support it. After that, we had to present our character to the class.

Science: Last week was a very special week; it was Science Week! We had special visitors from the UK National Space Academy, who gave us masterclasses on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each lesson was innovative and informative; all our faces were lit with excitement after entering the room. In Physics, we learned about the Gravitational Pull in space, Biology about life on space and in Chemistry, we learned how to make a comet. Time passed so quickly that day as we all had a blast.

English: In English, we started with a new play called “A View from the Bridge” by the legendary Arthur Miller. We have been acting, reading and exploring the characters in class. We were put into groups and were given a character to talk about; we made informative posters to support our presentation. At the end of the lesson, we listened to each group’s presentation and added their information to our notes.

The highlight of my week was the International Food Fair. Different countries huddled next to each other in the Hub, ambushing our taste buds making them water vigorously. The booths of each country were decorated beautifully giving a makeover to our canteen. Some booths were themed, like the American one which was Oscar themed! While nibbling food, outside in the C block foyer were various performances from different countries around the world entertaining you as you eat. Some outstanding performances were the ones from Malaysia, Korea and China. Each one was so captivating making us forget the food beneath our eyes, causing us to be mesmerized.

Ms. Mao (Mandarin)

Year 10 native class have been working on how to choose a unique and full specific personal story to illustrate a mother's love. Inspired by the essay we studied in class, students were asked to write one small yet unique thing that has happened in their life on posters and provide details. They then voted for the best ones. Most students could illustrate their stories well, Wailam Kam (Bill) and Hao Rui (Harry) Lu's stories got the most votes for unique story and story with specific details. Congratulations! (See pic)

Dates for your Diary

Mon 11 April            CCAs start for Term 3

Thurs 14 April          Year 10/12 Geography trip

Fri 15 April                 Year 10/12 Geography trip

Sun 17 April               MUN Conference @ BISS Puxi

************  Tues 26 April            Year 10 Award Assembly  ***************

Thurs 28 April          Sports Awards Evening (Years 9 – 13), 6 – 8pm

Thurs 12 May           Stage and Screen Evening

Mon 23 May              End of year assessments for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 (until 3 June)

Sat 4 June                Summer Fun Day

Thurs 9 June            Dragon Boat Festival – school closed but IGCSE exams continue

Fri 10 June               CCAs end for Term 3

Fri 24 June              School ends 12 noon

Mr J Dawson

Year 10 Leader