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Year 10 News - 6th May

05 May 2016

Firstly, I want to thank the parents who were able to attend both the Year 10 Awards Assembly, and also the senior students’ Sports Awards evening. It was great to see many of you at these two prestigious events. Congratulations to all the students who received commendations and awards. I hope your son/daughter came home with a beaming smile on their face, proud of their achievements. It was great to see that every student received a commendation from at least one of their subject teachers, and also that some students excelled and received numerous awards. 

  • Yr 10 awards
  • Yr 10 awards
  • Yr 10 awards
  • Yr 10 awards
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I would like to also congratulate the boys' and girls' ACAMIS Football squads on their triumphs in Beijing. The girls played really well and lost in the final on penalties to SCIS Hoingqiao. The boys’ team went one step further and defeated a strong BCIS (Beijing) team in the final, also on penalties.

Finally, a busy time of the year approaches for Year 10 students in the run up to their end-of-year exams. The exam period runs from Wednesday May 25th until Friday 3rd June. Student will sit all exams in the Sports Hall in a ‘mock’ exam setting, to replicate their final IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11. This invaluable experience will help prepare them for next summer. However, I am sure there will be some pressure and stress felt in the build up to, and during this time. So please make sure you are supporting your child during this challenging period. Students will sit 2-3 exams per day on most days in this period, so it is imperative that they are mentally and physically ready. The exam timetable was emailed out to you all last week, and students also have a copy.

Now, over to the students to find out what has been happening in the classroom…

A View from the Classroom

Amelia Murphy

English: This week in English, we have finished reading a play called ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller and proceeded to make more indepth, detailed annotations and analyses about the play as a whole, particularly focusing on key themes that run throughout.

Biology: In Biology, we are currently learning about the eyeball. After discovering and labeling the many different features of the eyeball (and functions of those features), we then in groups dissected a pig’s eyeball to be able to physically and visually label them too.

Mandarin: This week in Mandarin, we have started a new topic: Food. At the beginning of the week, I found Mandarin particularly difficult as we were bombarded with so many new characters and sentence structures that I found it impossible to remember them. However, as the week progressed, the characters were reinforced through a series of interactive games and quizzes which has helped me to memorise them.

Physics: Today in Physics, we began an investigation to measure the resistance of a wire. In groups, we planned a method for our investigation that will be carried out next lesson, examining how the length of a wire affects resistance.

This week, I have really enjoyed Biology as I found the eye dissection extremely interesting and useful. Despite it being quite gruesome, it was very helpful having a visual representation of what we had studied in our textbooks. It also made the topic easier to understand as we could clearly see every aspect of the eyeball.

Lukas Van der Putten

English: In Mrs. Mills' English class we are calmly reading through a play named 'A View from the Bridge'. Its great fun due me reading a designated character, Alfieri, and understanding how strange the play really is. There is a great atmosphere in my class when we read, which makes this class fun and entertaining while learning.

Business: In Mr. Groak’s class, we are learning about balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. This is very interesting because we see what businesses do to organise their money. Now I understand a lot more about our world than I did before, thanks to Mr. Groark!

Biology- Lately, I have dissected a kidney which was fun but smelled so bad from the urea still inside of it! It was a good lesson with Mrs. Howard cracking lots of jokes. We looked a nephron, which is too small to be dissected, and its function. 

D&T: In Mr. Mills’ class, we are working hard to finish the first section of our portfolio and starting our one-point or two-point perspective drawings of our design ideas. I am quite happy in my class due to the pleasant atmosphere and the kind attitude of Mr. Mills.

Physics: In Mr. Crozier's class, we have recently gone into detail about density and pressure; we learnt the formulas to them and lastly we applied them to some questions. This class is fun because we are constantly doing practical work to prove our working out and I get to know my class a lot better! 

Chiara Lamieri

ECONOMICS: In Mr Gichana’s class, we are learning about different types of competition and, just today, we presented some group work based on barriers of entry and exit in a competitive and non-competitive market. The class is always interactive and we all take part in different activities which help us to remember various things. All the students in the class enjoy the subject and are all preparing for our end-of-year exam with Mr. Gichana’s help.

MATHS: In our maths lessons with Mr. Lukose, we are also revising for our end-of-year exams. We are now completing different past papers and going over any topics that we feel the need to revise. I really appreciate all the work that Mr. Lukose is doing for us as he certainly wants us to achieve all that we can and have worked for.

BIOLOGY: This week in Biology, we have been learning about the kidneys, especially the nephrons. We all really enjoy the lessons as, for example, once we got to dissect a kidney. Miss Howard also introduced a new fun part of the lesson, called “video Friday”. Every Friday from this week onwards, we will watch a video for part of the lessons covering some of the topics that we have been studying throughout the year.

PHYSICS: Every time we have physics, Mr. Raye manages to tell us a new physics joke. Even if we don't get the jokes we laugh as his laugh is infectious. During our lessons we have been studying electricity and electrical circuits, and have been doing a lot of practical work. We all enjoy Physics even though it is a little hard but we don't mind challenges.

Dates for your Diary

Tues 17 May           IGCSE Art moderation and exhibition

Mon 23 May            End-of-year assessments for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 (until 3 June)

Sat 4 June               Summer Fun Day

Thurs 9 June          Dragon Boat Festival – school closed but IGCSE exams continue

Fri 10 June              CCAs end for Term 3

Fri 17 June              IGCSE exams finish, and Year 11 Celebration

Fri 24 June              School ends 12 noon

Mr Joe Dawson

Year 10 Leader