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Year 9 News - 6th May

05 May 2016

And finally after the longest winter ever, the warmer weather has arrived along with some beautiful blue skies. Last Thursday was a perfect day for the Year 9 students to show off their leadership skills, when they helped with Infant and Junior School Sports day. The students took on the role of leaders, time keepers, scorekeepers and photographers and did themselves proud. It was marvelous to see them all in a different light. I saw our boys turn into gentle giants as they led their teams around the course.

Next week will also be a busy time for our tutor teams as they begin to plan activities for the Summer Fun Day. This year all the tutor groups in Key stage 3 will be organizing and leading a stall at Summer Fun Day on 4th June. It is certainly looking like it is going to be an action-packed day.

The students should also be beginning to prepare for the next and final assessment cycle. Preparation is the key to success. We will spend some time in Guidance polishing off study skills as we help the students prepare for their assessments.

So as always a busy time for your Year 9’s. Well done on the excellent job at sports day!

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A message from the Service team - Read to Feed

This term, we will be raising awareness and funds for one of our partner projects Read to Feed.  Read to Feed is a sponsored read organised by the agricultural charity, Heifer International.

Heifer International work in China with impoverished rural communities, helping them to become self-reliant and sustainable in their farming practises. They do this through donating livestock to farmers and teaching families how to care for the livestock without harming the environment. Each family receiving the gift of animals agrees to pass on offspring or an equivalent to another family.

Last year, as a school we raised an amazing 29,832RMB which went to supplying farmers in Yanglin Village (2,300km from Shanghai) with Tibetan pigs. Families in this village, live in very difficult conditions, with farmers often earning only a few thousand RMB per year. The gift of a pig may seem quite simple but it can help to raise a family’s economic prospects, send their children to school and break the cycle of poverty. More importantly, the project is sustainable as each recipient family also returns the favour to others in the village, thus helping an entire village to escape poverty.

This week we are launching this year’s Read to Feed  programme and we are hoping that all students in Y7-Y9 will get involved. Each student will receive sponsorship packs from their Form Tutors. There will be individual and class prizes and certificates for most books read and funds raised.

Students will need to return their completed sponsorship forms and donations by Friday 27th May 2016. This can be returned to their Form Tutor or to the Secondary School Secretaries.

Thank you for helping us to make a difference!

A view from the classroom


This week, some Year 9 students have been investigating the factors that affect the resistance of a wire. We have looked at the work of Georg Ohm and used “Ohm’s Law’ to calculate resistance from a measured current and voltage. After producing graphs of Resistance vs. Length, like Ohm we concluded that Resistance is Proportional to Length and we explained this in terms of atoms, electron flow and collisions. We found it very challenging to set up the circuits and accurately read from both digital and analogue meters whilst controlling the temperature. Hannah Scott said, "I thought it was quite challenging, but it taught me a lot about how electricity works."


Students have been studying globalisation and have been considering just how globalised their own lives are. We went “Behind the Swoosh” to consider the implications on people and environment of big companies like Nike, and worked to balance the positives and negatives that Trans National Corporations bring to people and the environment worldwide. This week, we are studying tourism and have started with some skills-based research into our own choices as tourists. Students are now developing their mapping and graphing skills to present the findings from a class questionnaire on recent holidays and visits. As well as studying tourism as a global industry, this develops enquiry and analytical skills.


Year 9’s are now starting their final stages of preparing for their Music Technology unit. This will be rearranging Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ into either Dub Reggae or Electronica. The programmes they are will be using will be Logic and garage band and pupils will be required to play in all the material using their keyboard as part of our curriculum that is matched to the Juilliard outcomes.

Student Reporters

Katrina Lo For English

In English, we are studying the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck. I particularly enjoy reading as a class as every reader has a different tone of voice and changes it appropriately according to the context, making it easier to understand. In addition, the contrast in characters and how they interact with each other amuses, not only me, but everyone else as well.

Lea Bjornemo for Science

In Science we did experiments on anions and cations. We wanted to know which metals and non-metals were present in some unknown powders. The first test we did was to test lithium, sodium, potassium and calcium compounds using a flame test. We copied the technique with our unknown powders to see if they contained these metals. If they didn’t then we did another test called precipitation. We used sodium hydroxide to see if we would get different coloured precipitates for copper, Iron 2+ and Iron 3+.

To test the non-metal part – the anions – we did 3 different tests. We tested to see if they were a carbonate, sulfate, chloride, bromide or iodide. For the easiest test (Sulfate test) we took some powder, made a solution of it using water and then added barium chloride. If it was a sulfate then we got a white precipitate. For carbonates, we added an acid to see if it fizzed and then bubbled the gas through limewater and finally did the halide test, using nitric acid with silver nitrate to get different coloured precipitates.

Then we consolidated our learning by looking at the name of the metal and the name of the non-metal and finding out the name of the unknown powders – just like forensic scientists do.
My favourite part was when we got to do our experiments. I really enjoyed it as we could find out what kind of metal each powder had and what kind of non-metal it had. I think it is fun as it is a different learning style. I think it's good to mix up the lessons by doing practical experiment. (see photos for some of the results)

Dates for the Diary

Thurs 12 May           Stage and Screen Evening

Mon 23 May              End-of-year assessments for Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 (until 3 June)

Sat 4 June                Summer Fun Day

Thurs 9 June           Dragon Boat Festival – school closed but IGCSE exams continue

Fri 10 June               CCAs end for Term 3

Fri 24 June               School ends 12 noon

Have a good weekend.

Mrs J Parrish

Year 9 Leader