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Year 8 News - 23rd September

23 September 2016

Find out what's been happening in Year 8

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Well, we are now five weeks into the term and it certainly has gone quickly! The students seem to be settling in nicely and have fully immersed themselves into their lessons, studies and routines of school life. The house system has gone off with a bang - students have been collecting their house points and working hard for both themselves and their house. Ultimately, everyone wants to be the winning house at the end of the year. Points mean prizes and this year the winning house will receive an afternoon off timetable at the end of the year to celebrate their success as a whole house! Certificates and prizes will be awarded also. So, with many more house events to come, starting with dodgeball, it’s going to prove to be an exciting a competitive year! Good luck to all!

International Week

Next week, beginning 26th September will be International Week and possibly one of my favourite weeks of the year! Throughout the school, both primary and secondary, there will be a focus on the theme of internationalism. Students will be celebrating in many ways and forms, their understanding and proudness of what it means to be an international student. The senior student leadership team will be delivering an assembly on internationalism, with quizzes and house points to be earned.

Thursday will have the annual Parade of Nations, where students will be dressing up according to their national colours and parading through the school, with their fellow country men and women. This day will also hold the eagerly anticipated International Food Fair, where our fantastic community group will be preparing the culinary delights of their countries for all to taste! Definitely my favourite day!

A schedule for the Food Fair will be shared with students ahead of the event on Thursday 29th September. Please be aware that a reduced selection of food will be served during lunch time and that food bought during break and lunch will be payable by cash only (no lunch cards). Should prove to be a fantastic week – as always!

Meet and Greet Evening

Many thanks to all parents and students who came along to the meet and greet evening last Tuesday. I was so nice to see you and I hope that you got all the information you need about Year 8, as well as the forth coming Project Week trip to Xiamen. More information on the trip will follow shortly. If there is anything that you would like to discuss further about the evening or if you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me;  

NAIS Olympics

With this being the year of the Rio Olympics, we have decided to hold our own version here at school – and it’s not just all about sport! Different subjects will be creating a set of competitions to allow for students to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. Medals will mean house points; bronze = 1, silver = 2 and gold = 3. The NAIS Olympics has started off with PE, where students have been competing in various athletic events. If a student achieves a medal, he/she also achieves a token for the number of house points. The token is placed into the house box and all points will be doubled at the end of the year. Students seem to be really enjoying it and getting into the spirit of the games. To Maths next!

Book amnesty.

A polite request to all students who still have school text books from last year; to bring them back to the relevant department as soon as they can. It seems a few students may still have books from last year. We ask parents just to check at home and see if any old books are lying around. Many thanks.

Lesson Updates and student reporters

Erik Arts 8B for English

What we have done:

In the first lesson we wrote a letter about ourselves and we got introduced to the play Macbeth. Then we learned about Shakespeare and his life, family and his writings. These were things like that he was born in 1564 and that he had a daughter and a twin who died so the Shakespeare family is extinct, but we also learned that in 1591 he already had wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets when he was only 20.

In the lesson we learned about the 3 witches who start the play and we read their speech all together. In the following lessons we learned about the characters, watched an animation about the play and we learned how Macbeth was seen in the start of the story and in the end.

What we are doing now:

From the 2 of September we started Lady Macbeth and how she was a strange and unusual character. We learned what happened to witches and how woman were expected to behave in the 17 century. Today we have spoken about the possible things that lady Macbeth and Macbeth could have done instead of murdering Duncan, and what how this effects their character.

What I liked most:

I liked talking and brainstorming ideas about things like the character of Lady Macbeth. I liked it because you are free to say your opinion and your thoughts and together with the others you put them together to make a list of things for example the things we think Lady Macbeth is. These were things like: cruel, selfish, bossy and unique.

George Emery 8B for History
In History in the past 3 weeks we have been learning about Britain in 1750. I think this is important at this time of year to learn about different country’s history as next week will be International Week. We gradually worked our way up to the year 1900. We had to identify features from a picture taken in 1750 compared to a picture taken from the 1900’s. We also had been given a timeline which we had to fill out facts and information about historic events that happened between 150 and 1900.

Yvonne Chen 8B for Art
Lately during Art, we were looking at the artist Roy Lichtenstein (on the left) and we were introduced with a new way of achieving photo-realism - the gridding method. Lichtenstein was a famous pop artist that was born on Oct 27th 1923 and passed away on Sept 29th 1997.

We were trying to copy and replicate Roy Lichtenstein's works and pieces from his comic strips and enlarging them onto a bigger piece of paper.  How to do the gridding method? By drawing squares or rectangles of the same size on the reference and then draw the amount of grids 1:1 in number, and 1:1 in size on your piece of paper. You can enlarge the picture by drawing the grids on your piece of paper to a ratio of the reference to ensure accuracy you can also add diagonal lines.

It was extremely interesting, yet hard because we had to focus on one box at a time, and to make sure we were drawing in the right boxes as well as seeing only lines in the box so it is accurate. It was hard to draw all of the grids and lines on the paper, too because we had to go very light otherwise we couldn't paint over the smudges and lines. This helps us to achieve photo realism in the future is because we are able to capture all of the details or most in the reference grid by grid.

Drawing more grids also increases the accuracy, and later on in the classes we are planning to colour them in using acrylic paint. It proved hard to some students at first, but they all gradually started to come into shape - some even started to do some shading and labelling where the colours was going to go in the future - it really is a pleasure to experience!

I myself, had done the gridding method before a few years ago in my art classes outside of school, but I decided to be ambitious and to choose a hard picture to challenge myself - to capture all of the details of a picture of shattered glass.

 It has been a great week, to experience with different ways of copying references - I hope we can do more of these in the future!

Abe Zakhen 8B for ICT

In ICT, we studied different types of computer viruses and how they can affect your computer. We talked about a lot of viruses including the Trojan Horse virus, Worms and many other famous viruses over the course of history. This was very interesting as we could see the damages that only one person could do just by typing some code in a computer. Companies try to prevent this by using serial numbers to confirm that the software is real and not pirated. Also some other companies try to prevent this using license agreements and holograms to make sure their product or software is really legitimate.

We also talked about a little bit about pirating, an illegal way to download software or anything else, and how we shouldn’t do it as we have to support the company instead of just getting it for free. As well as that, there might be a virus in the pirated file as well. Overall, I thought this week’s ICT lesson was interesting and fun.

Craig Northedge, Year 8 Leader