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Year 10 News - 10th February 2017

10 February 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 10

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The joys of the international world means I am writing to wish you a Happy New Year once more! This term sees the build-up increasing towards the Adventurous journey in March alongside our normal academic requirements.

International Award

I start this time in talking about where we are in the process of the Bronze award. The final payment of 1000RMB is now due and I thank all of those that have already paid this in. In our guidance sessions we are now firmly getting through the preparation in order to ensure that the pupils possess the skills that they will need in the Adventurous Journey. Recently in guidance they have completed pacing tasks to ensure they can judge quickly and accurately their location on a hike. In the upcoming weeks they will also be doing some work on what the purpose of their journey will be like and begin to assess the Moganshan area. As most of us are aware the weather in Shanghai in March can be unpredictable so we will soon be emailing out a packing list for the trip. Alongside this health and safety information will need to be compiled and naturally a schedule of what we will have planned for the weekend. The pupils will also soon be aware of the groups that they will be working with on the 2 day hike. The journey will test out their resilience and collaborative skills so the groups will be designed to allow every pupil to shine out of their normal comfort zone!

In addition to the preparation the pupils have been continuing with their skills, service & physical recreation. For those that begun these elements in September the end will be in sight as they work to compete the three and six month requirements. To help them we have had another logging session on the ORB. With the Adventurous Journey upcoming our next logging session will now be near the end of March. However all pupils should be able to update this themselves out of class should they wish to.


The pupils have returned to the daily drive of improving their grades at IGCSE. Most are now realising that they are past the half way point in the year and are starting to show greater maturity with their studies. I know that some are still finding it hard to know how best to revise and this is something we will look to work on in April. Whilst on the subject of grades the dates of our next round of assessments have been released. These will begin on March 6th and conclude on March 17th. As always it is recommended that all pupils begin revision early to ensure that they can manage and spread out their time evenly.


Just a quick reminder to complete the parent survey that has been emailed out to you. Please follow this link in case you have missed the email. 

The online form is accessible through a PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone and should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Each family should respond only once on behalf of all your children.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our school and your comments are integral this process. This annual survey will help us better understand what is working well for your child, along with any ways in which we can still improve further. Parental feedback is vital to helping us continuously provide the best possible education for your child.

New students

I wrote to you last time mentioning that we had two new pupils to our year group. I will end my newsletter with the two pupils themselves giving you a brief introduction and some of our existing pupils describing where they are at with some of their subjects.

My name is George Magee, I have recently joined NAIS Pudong after living in Australia for 7 years. When I first joined NAIS, I was quite nervous because it’s a new country to me. Some things I enjoy include football and going to the beach. I am originally from England and then moved to Australia when I was 8, I think that it was harder to move from Australia because I made close friends whilst in Australia. 

George Magee

My name is Jarod Lee and I’m currently 15 and I’m from Malaysia. I’ve recently joined NAIS Pudong and at first I was quite nervous and excited because it was my first time moving to another country and I haven’t changed schools in 8 years. Some things I enjoy are swimming, squash and going out with my friends. My favourite subjects are PE and Maths.

Jarod Lee

Student reporters – view from the classroom

In Economics we have been learning about various topics which include money, the basic economic problem and so on. The latest topic that we are learning about is money. I thought that many things were interesting as it can help me in the future. Right now we are learning about the labour market and which factors of demand supply affect it.

Till Scholten

This year in History we have done Germany from 1914-1945. We have looked at multiple topics such as the WW1, the Stresmann era, Hitlers rise to power and the Holocaust. So far, I have really enjoyed history and my favorite topic was Hitlers rise to power. Right now we are finishing Germany and will soon move on to U.S.A.

Tommaso Carnelli 

This year in English we recently studied a book called Spies by Michael Frayn. However now we have moved on and are looking at poetry. Even though we just begun we have learnt new things such as what makes good poetry and a variety of new techniques to practice. Overall I have really enjoyed English this year.

Alistair Wong

In biology we are currently learning about respiration and the 2 types of respiration there are. Aerobic respiration is the process of which oxygen is involved and Anaerobic is the process of which oxygen isn't involved. We are also learning about respiration is yeast cells and doing experiments to fully understand the whole process of this. The experiments we are doing are very well thought out and interesting since while learning, we are also being interactive. In the previous topic we learned about the digestive system. This was one pleasing to learn about because we also did a practical test when we created faeces! This helped us fully understand how the large and small intestine work and the whole class found it fun to learn about.

Vanessa Oyuchi

In Art we have been continually producing observed studies of objects that represent decay, such as skulls, as our new topic is about 'Decay'. We used our observational studies to trace which aided us in experimentation with a new technique called mono printing. This technique is achieved by rolling ink on a blank piece of paper, then putting a layer of blank paper over that then tracing your drawing on top, once you have finished tracing you peel the layers off each other and they leave no ink where you have traced. We learned that it is a really effective way off producing multiple pieces relatively quickly. I found it quite interesting as I had never heard of this technique before, and it produces visually interesting pieces of art. I found that I got better at it the more I did it.

Amelia Haynes