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Year 10 News - 24th February 2017

23 February 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 10

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It has been a hectic couple of weeks in Year 10 as we move closer to the Adventurous Journey. This has been a focus for the pupils alongside their normal school based lessons and busy schedule of CCA’s.

International Award

Since I last wrote to you the pupils have begun to complete a number of preparation tasks to enable them to feel fully prepared for the Adventurous Journey. They have now been informed of the groups that they are working in for the trip. The groups which contain 6 pupils have been chosen based on allowing all pupils the chance to shine in an experience that should move them out of their comfort zones. Thus far the individuals in the groups seem to be complimenting each other well and they have already spent a couple of guidance sessions working together to plan aspects of their trip. More recently this has seen them build on their compass & map skills in order to produce routes that they feel they should undertake on the trip. It is interesting to see what logic some of the groups have taken including some deciding that visiting the lake is a must as it may be pretty!  Each group has also had to discuss and decide on a purpose for their journey as the International Award wants all aspects of the Award to have purpose for those involved. Last lesson the groups also received the packing list and these will also be emailed home in the next week. The groups are also planning collaboratively regarding their packing and in the next guidance session they will be able to discuss what food they wish to bring & plan to cook on the hike. It is clear that the experiences they gained on Project Week have helped our pupils understand the importance of suitable clothing and packing on such a trip. Finally I have just been watching the groups complete some first aid training. Whilst all first aid will be provided by Indier we feel it would be a valuable experience for the pupils to learn some basic first aid that often applies to outdoor activities such as this. 

Pupils are still encouraged to continue their skills, service and physical recreation tasks. For many they will be completing the requirements of the course in the next couple of months. This will of course allow us to focus on a more traditional guidance program for the remainder of the year. With the Adventurous Journey upcoming our next logging session will now be near the end of March. However all pupils should be able to update this themselves out of class should they wish to.


One aspect that we will begin to focus on in Guidance is building up pupils’ skills and awareness of careers. To help with this they will have a session in a couple of weeks which will help prepare them for Wednesday 15th March when we will hold our annual Higher Education Fair.  This year we will be running a series of Careers lectures in the run up to the Higher Education Fair where students sign up for one or more talks given by professionals from an interesting array of backgrounds.  This will be an excellent opportunity to consider different lines of work, how to get into those areas and the variety of jobs available.

Wednesday 15th March promises to be a buzzing afternoon with over 70 universities from around the world filling our Sports Hall B to introduce their programmes and facilities.  This is a crucial time for our students to be asking questions and introducing themselves so that they can put a face to their future applications.  Parents are warmly welcome to the fair which starts at 1.30pm and finishes at 4pm. 


As always the pupils are enjoying the variety and mix of their lessons. As mentioned previously their next batch of assessments will begin on the 6th March and end on the 17th of March. Ideally pupils should be staggering their revision out and it would be wise for them to look at their feedback from their previous assessment in order to provide even greater direction with their revision. In addition to this I recommend all pupils to ask teachers in their subject area if they are unsure of what they should focus on or how best they can revise in that area.

Sporting achievement

Recently in assembly a number of our students were praised for their sporting achievements. In particular Riccardo Perone deserves credit for being the only Year 10 member of the under 19 Boys Basketball team. Similarly Vanessa Oyuchi also made the under 19 Girls Basketball squad. Meanwhile in football some of our talented squad of boys have become a main feature in the under 19 Football Squad. Though it is challenging to compete against players up to 3 years older the boys have performed well thus far – well done Thomas Wallace, Martin Marchant, Kamo Thage, Till Scholten and George Magee.

Student reporters – view from the classroom

This year I am taking art. I find art quite challenging and demanding as we get assigned a lot of art pieces and it takes a lot of dedication, patience and time. However, it is also very rewarding and fulling once you complete an art piece especially because so many hours and so much effort has been put into it. It is also quite interesting as we are constantly exploring different media and discovering more about what media we are good at and what all our personal art styles are like. Throughout the art course it is also very interesting seeing other people’s art work and the emotions they are expressing.

Aoki Yamada

I have been taking business this year. I find business interesting but challenging at the same time as we need to remember a lot of things and make a lot of notes during the lesson and at home. Recently we are studying about external and internal finance that a business needs. I find it interesting and it may be very useful in the future. I have been interested in this topic and there wasn’t this topic available in my old school so I felt very fortunate to learn such an amazing subject in school. It is amazing to know that a business can have sources of finance like owner’s funds, debentures, retained profits and etc. In summary, this is one of my favorite subjects and I will definitely continue business studies in IB.

Ken Yu

I have been taking Biology this year, it is quite interesting and fun at the same time as we get to do practicals and study interesting topics. So far I have been studying the digestive system as well as the respiratory system. It is quite fun because we recently dissected a pig’s lung and my teacher, Mrs Alderson showed us how the air enters through the trachea, then proceeds into the bronchi and enters millions of tiny air sacs. I find really interesting and fortunate as I’ve never done anything like this before. It is fascinating how the Human body performs all of this. Overall Biology is one of my favorite subjects and I would love to do this in IB.

Tariq Usher

I have been taking History this year as part of the IGCSE course. History is a very interesting subject as you get to learn about the things that happened in the past and how it impacts what happens today. This year, our main topics are Germany after WW1 to WW2 and America after WW1. Last week we finished up on Germany which lasted about 5 months. In the past month we were learning about Germany’s role in WW2 and Nazi Germany. Weekly, we have some revision time where we revise the dates and have a small test about all the key dates that we learned so far. Last week we finished up the topic with 2 lessons of quizzes that we prepared ourselves and shared with the class. This helped us in the revision of all the important things we did so far. The quiz was quite exciting and fun. This week we started our new topic –America. Yesterday, we learnt how the American Government works including elections, presidential terms, the Supreme Court, etc. Now we are learning about America’s role in WW1 and why it joined the war.

Niranjan Rajesh

Our English lessons are getting more interesting and entertaining as we started reading a new play called “A view from a bridge”. My class has been reading through the play and we have performed several drama pieces. I find my English lessons very interactive because we have been playing different roles and performing in front of the whole class. This helps me understand the play in great detail. For today’s lesson, I took the role of Eddie, one of the main characters of the play, and read through his line, then performing a small scene. I really enjoyed it and hope to perform in my future English lessons. Previously, we have been looking at short stories and we have completed a few assessments in preparation for our assessment round in March. I am very thankful to have Mrs. Whiteson as my English teacher because she has been helpful and she has always made my English lessons as fun as my other subjects.

Aaron Yong