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Year 7 News - 24th February 2017

24 February 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 7

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Today has had KS3 doing the second STEAM day of the year related to two of the Global Campus objectives, namely World hunger and Healthy Eating. As you can tell, our students had a truly creative day helping to target some of these issues, which included making crops in egg shells, herbs in water bottles, a composter to check levels of actual food waste & researching a way of creating a greenhouse from a water bottle. Well done year 7.

Whilst most were busy with the STEAM day, two of our students took part in the Nord Anglia Virtual choir. This consisted of them recording a certain part of a song, which is then sent to a central location in order to be processed to achieve a truly global choir. Our two singers in year 7 were Elly Embley and Grace Shen.

Dr. Mills who teaches English to 7 Set 1, has shared a great photo of Phoebe and Lilian who made Beowulf inspired cupcakes for their lesson. The cakes were actually honey flavoured as Beowulf is apparently a bear who likes honey. They were as delicious as they look. Thanks girls.

STEAM days are held once per term and the students really look forward to them, but weekly you can feel the air around C-block foyer buzzing on a Wednesday morning as the students brace themselves for the form challenge. This week’s challenge was number snakes where students had to use their Maths skills to complete some calculations and to make it even more competitive a time element is also present – with the first form to complete it winning 1st prize. Even with a hindered time start this week, 7A are still in the lead by 11 points – come on 7B and 7C – see if you can win this term!

Creative Writing Competition

Each year, Nord Anglia invites our students to participate in their Creative Writing Competition. Students throughout the school have participated in the competition this year, developing their written powers of expression within a given word limit. We were delighted to share the following school winners with Nord Anglia:

11-14 Category [Year 7 winners only]:

  • Chiyi Kong
  • Luca Jones
  • Phoebe Mcluskie

Last year’s winners have recently received their copies of the book and James Cartwright was one of the winners for his story last year! The book can be viewed online:


As you can probably tell, more and more students are now achieving the silver status. Well done to you all. But special congratulations to Grace who is the first person in our year group to get a gold certificate. I am very proud of you all.

100 Housepoints [Silver]

  • Mahaut Barral
  • Jefferson Chen
  • Karlijn Gabrielse
  • Kathy Liu
  • Angelina Nazarian

150 Housepoints [Gold]

  • Grace Shen

Messages from Staff

Higher Education

It’s never too early to prepare for this, please see this message from Mrs. Watson:

An important date for the diary is Wednesday 15th March when we will hold our annual Higher Education Fair.  This year we will be running a series of Careers lectures in the run up to the Higher Education Fair where students sign up for one or more talks given by professionals from an interesting array of backgrounds.  This will be an excellent opportunity to consider different lines of work, how to get into those areas and the variety of jobs available. It promises to be a buzzing afternoon with over 70 universities from around the world filling our Sports Hall B to introduce their programmes and facilities.  This is a crucial time for our students to be asking questions and introducing themselves so that they can put a face to their future applications.  Parents are warmly welcome to the fair which starts at 1.30pm and finishes at 4pm. 

Global Campus - Stories

Mrs Proctor has sent me a document of the stories from Global Campus for students who may want to win a prize. See attached document and Mrs Proctor for more details.

Global campus – Illustrator

We are designing a new, student-friendly safeguarding booklet and would like to provide Nord Anglia students with the chance to illustrate various aspects of this booklet. Please see below for additional details on this wonderful opportunity.

Opportunity for Students 

  • Open to any Nord Anglia student of any age
  • Students will be able to add this publication to their portfolio, and will be cited as the illustrator of the publication
  • The publication itself will be distributed to students across all Nord Anglia schools


  • Chosen student must agree to drawing all illustrations as specified in the “Requirements” section
  • Chosen student must also agree to respond to feedback from the Education team, which could include editing or re-drawing certain illustrations


  • 10 illustrations total (8 pages of the booklet will need to be illustrated, including the front and back covers)
  • The book will be A5 sized (148mm x 210mm)
  • We will need Mei Li Li and Norman Jupiter drawn in a variety of forms (i.e. together and individually) and with a variety of attitudes, including:
    • Worried/concerned
    • Angry
    • Happy
    • Smug
    • Interested
    • Confused
  • Pictures of the bears are attached

Submission Instructions

  • Students are to illustrate a cover image and one example of any other attitude listed above
  • Students will be required to give their illustrations to their respective art teacher.


  • Students must submit their illustrations (cover illustration + example of an attitude) by Friday, 15 April, 2017

Assessment Cycle 2

Please find below the updated overview of the upcoming Assessment Cycle 2 dates. The cycle will run from Monday 6th – Friday 17th March. This overview has been shared with students through their form tutors and subject teachers who have confirmed the topic for each test if more than one lesson has been identified for assessment. If your child is competing in the upcoming FOBISIA tournament, please note the catch up lessons.

Some subjects are missing from the timetable as they will not be assessing using a test. Assessment in these subjects for this cycle will be on an ongoing basis, using evidence from a variety of sources over more than one lesson.

As per Assessment Cycle 1, the feedback will be sent home with the term report.

Year 7 Assessment Cycle 2 | 6th March to 15th March


Period 1

Period 2

Period 3

Period 4

Period 5

Period 6


6th March




German Spanish





7th March


7A History

7B Drama






8th March





7C History

7A Music


9th March

7B History







10th March



German Spanish

7C Music





13th March


7C Music catch up






14th March

7B Music

7C Drama






Wednesday 15th March


7B History catch up


German Spanish





16th March


7A Music catch up



7C History catch up

7A Drama


17th March




German Spanish catch up




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Andrews or Ms Camargo.

Student Reporters

Thanks to Mr. Thomas, 7A have once again upped the game with these super student reports that came through this week. Thank you 7A for sharing your amazing classroom experiences.

Lilian Yearwood – Drama

See document attached

Naina Jaiswal – Art

See document attached

Vaishnavi Askok – Music

See document attached

Zainab Rizvi – Girls PE

See document attached

Sasi - P.E

We have moved on from swimming to volleyball now and it has been really fun! We learnt how to set which was quite easy and we did a couple of exercises. For example, we were in a group of three and we used the set shot to pass the ball and we had to sit down, arms above our shoulders and had to set the ball. We also set the ball against the wall and counted how many times we could do it continuously.

The next thing we learnt was to use the dig shot. It was not difficult but it was not easy at the same time. We had to use our wrist area to dig the ball and it hurt a lot!

We did a lot of exercises, some were difficult and some were easy. In groups of three, we used the set and dig shot to pass around the ball over the net which was about five to five point five feet high.

Next we learnt to serve the ball over the net which was very difficult. It hurt a lot more than digging the ball! We served the ball a lot of times but only a few people got it over the net. You had to keep our arms above your shoulder and toss the ball and hit it with our wrist.

We might be learning how to spike the ball next so that we know everything to be good enough to play a match for which I can't wait for!

Phoebe McLuskie - DT

Recently in DT we have been making note holders. It has been really fun using all the machinery such as the scroll saw and belt sander. A note holder is a pine with a spacer and MDF attached. On the pine you have a pool and a slope. The spacer is just the right height so that when you put a marble in the pool and turn the holder upside down with notes in between the marble and the MDF the notes will stay.

First of all we had to measure out some lines on our pine to see where to put everything and then we had to make the pool so that the marble would fit in it.

I really enjoyed this topic overall and I really want to make something like this next term.

Luca Jones – Maths

In Maths it has given me great pleasure since we are learning about algebraic expressions. For those of you who don’t know what algebraic expressions are they are pretty much the same as casual algebra. Algebra is normal equations but using letters. The letter could equal any number. My Maths teacher is Mr. Dolan who is a fun, smart teacher. Finally although algebra can be a pain in the neck I personally find my learning to be fun. I still have lots to improve on bad lots of interesting things to learn, but this is what I find enjoyable.

Coming up in the next newsletter will have student reporters from 7B. We look forward to reading their highlights.

Into the Woods

NAIS Pudong production this year is Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”. This year celebrating its 30th anniversary, “Into the Woods” is widely considered as one of the greatest musicals ever written. The performance involves students from Year 5 all the way up to Year 13 and is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a musical format that follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Prince Valiant and Prince Charming- all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their request for items to rid them of a curse put upon them by a witch. The plot takes these well-known characters through twists and turns, to happily ever after and beyond….

Tickets NOW on Sale!

Red Carpet Event 27th March - 7pm

Adult 150RMB Child 100RMB

(ticket price includes 1 drink upon arrival and canapes)

Tuesday 28th • Wednesday 29th • Thursday 30th - 7pm

Adult 80RMB Child 50RMB

Refreshments will be on sale each night.

Please Note:

• Adult ticket - Year 12 and Year 13 plus anyone over 18 years

• A children’s ticket is necessary for each child who attends the performance and children must be accompanied by an adult

• The Red Carpet Event on Monday 27th March is open to students from Year 3 or 8 years of age

• Tickets are limited and will be sold on a first in first served basis

Upcoming dates are:

6th Mar – 17th Mar – Secondary Assessment Cycle 2

20th Mar – 24th Mar - School photos – more details to follow

27th Mar – 30th Mar – Into the Woods School Production

31st Mar – Last day of Term 2

King regards,

Paula Alderson

Year 7 Leader