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Year 8 News - 10th February 2017

09 February 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 8

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Welcome back – again! Don’t get used to all these holidays as there won’t be any now for eight weeks! Easter will be the next time students get a break and this term will prove to be just as jam-packed as the last! FOBISIA training is in full force and the students from Year 7 and 8 will be heading out to Kuala Lumpur on the 8th March to compete in Athletics, Football, Basketball and Swimming. More information will follow in future newsletters regarding FOBISIA.

CISSA Volley ball for Years 7-9 will start their fixtures this week. Congratulations to Zena, Daniella, Ciara Wallace, Camilla, Amanda, Antonina, Ludovica, Elin,  Asher, Matias, George and Jacob who all made the CISSA 1 and 2 teams. Good luck in their fixtures this term!

House events in Music, Maths, Science, Badminton and Humanities will also be taking place this term. Will De House be able to keep their lead at the top of the House table? Find out as the term progresses!


Just a quick reminder to complete the parent survey that has been emailed out to you. Please follow this link in case you have missed the email. 

The online form is accessible through a PC, MAC, tablet, or smartphone and should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Each family should respond only once on behalf of all your children.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our school and your comments are integral this process. This annual survey will help us better understand what is working well for your child, along with any ways in which we can still improve further. Parental feedback is vital to helping us continuously provide the best possible education for your child.     

Assessment cycle

Assessment cycle dates have been set as 6th-17th March. Timetables for assessments will be shared with students asap.                                    

Trekking in Les Martinets, Switzerland for Years 7-9

This Trekking Expedition is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for your child, enabling them to stretch their mental and physical limits in a safe and fun environment. For more information please see the attachments below. 

Iceland Trip 2017 – Reflections

Yvonne Chen’s Reflection

On the 24th of January, we went on a geography trip to Iceland, and I am sure that we all had a great time. Although it may have been kind of crazy and boring when we had over 12 hours to fly from Shanghai to Heathrow and then to Iceland, but it was the immense amounts of fun that we had afterwards counted and made it all worth it.
We all went to all sorts of different places, moving and adapting from hotel to hotel every few days, almost wasting no time on anything but the sightseeing and the guide talking to us on the bus. It took a lot of responsibility and organisation to get through the trip, but we all made it out alive and healthy, so I suppose that's good.
We have done so many things in merely seven days, I can name some of the most amazing ones from the top of my head: the glacier lagoon, the secret lagoon, crawling through the caverns formed by solidified lava, climbing the glacier (although some of us had slipped), going to a farm where we bought home-made ice-cream, riding a monster truck, learning about old folk tales and the geography nature of the island. . . Everyday was hectic, but it was all very enjoyable.
The teachers made sure that we all wore the correct clothes, we checked on each other for the room keys and passports, while the guide and bus driver helped us to unload the things as well as showing us around. We all had a nice snowball fight with the teachers down at a hotel at the countryside, it was all very, very fun. Smiles and laughter.
My personal favourite of the trip were the northern lights that we saw. We were all incredibly lucky to see them, a green glow just above the mountains, and without the light pollution, plus the clear weather that was in our favour, we got to see the beautiful background of the glow and light -- the stars and the darkness of the night sky.
Each day it took a lot of time for the sun to rise and set, but every time we woke up to get on the bus, or get back to the hotel by the bus, we always could see the sunrise, significant of a fresh start of the day, and the sunset that resembled the end of a day.
The food, from each hotel and place we visited, was amazing. Plus, the fact that we could drink tap water was something that was completely new to me, as of I have grew up mostly in Shanghai and had been told to never drink from the tap because that water is full of bacteria and toxic materials. Apparently that doesn't happen everywhere else in the world.
We ended the trip with a visit to a spa, swimming in the warm, and somewhat salty water, then having a nice shower afterwards before going straight for the airport to go home.
Once we have packed up for the end of the trip, everybody was also packing up the memories that they gained from this experience that probably would last for the rest of their lives. We waved and hugged our guide and bus driver a goodbye before finally leaving, for Heathrow, then home, Shanghai.

Abe Zakham’s Reflection

My highlight of the 2017 Iceland trip was going on the glacier walk. I especially enjoyed this as we had to put on special equipment such as crampons, which help grip into the ice, and also an ice pick which is used as well to grip onto the ice. If we attempted the walk without this equipment, it wouldn't have been safe and we probably would have fallen. We had to walk in a single file line to make sure nobody got injured and when we got to the top, we practiced our strength with our ice picking skills. I also enjoyed lava tube caving as we learnt a bit of history about Iceland and how all of the caves were formed, although it was quite hard to go under the gaps in the cave! Overall, the trip was really fun and would definitely do it again with my friends and family.

Lesson Updates

Aryan 8A for History

In history we are learning about slavery. We have learnt about the triangle which went from Europe to west Africa and to America. The traded things like rum, sugar, gunpowder, etc and Africans slaves were sold in America.

Temo 8A for PE

So in PE this term we are doing volleyball, we have learnt how to use the dig shot and how to set our opponent up so that they can spike/smash the ball over the net giving the opposition a tough time to return the ball. We have been in competition and the easiest way we have learned to keep the ball going back and forth is by using the set shot and being allowed one bounce before we return the ball.

Siyun 8A for Maths

Today's lesson we learnt about dividing with numbers in standard form. It was hard when I just started it but I found out that it's easier than I thought when I practiced more and more which made me got use to it. I had no idea about some questions so I asked Mr. Jones and he taught me how to solve the question. From today's  Maths lesson I knew that I should ask instead of just sitting with doing nothing.

Daniella 8A for ICT

In ICT we are using Adobe Flash Professional to create short animations. The program inserts key frames allowing changes to happen between slides.

Ciara 8A for Science

In science we have been studying atoms and molecules. We recently did an assessment for Mr.  Howell to see how we are doing with the topic.