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Year 7 News - 24th March 2017

23 March 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 7

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Year 7 Newsletter – 10th March 2017

Last week saw our students looking ahead to their bright futures with the Careers Fair held in Secondary School. Each student signed up to see one of the specialist talks and with a Q&A session managed to see if that was a career path they would like to do. It ended with a huge Higher Education event that took place in Sports Hall B, where the students walked and talked to the vendors about the different universities and courses that are on offer all over the world. Although still so very young, it was lovely to see them showing an interest in what they will all ultimately end up doing anyway.

This week they have been coming into school impeccably dressed ready to work the camera and strike a pose for the school photos taken by Pret-a-Portrait. I know that you will be looking forward to seeing the photos as much as me.

It also seems such a long time ago now when the students had their Assessment Cycle 2. The test papers have been collated and the tutors are busily writing their tutor comments. Both the reports & test papers will be sent home with the students on Friday 31st March.

Today saw the students dressing up as one of Shakespeare's famous characters. They always make a huge effort and I am sure you will love seeing the pictures of them with their friends as they arrive into school.


Well done to the following students for achieving their milestones in housepoints. This shows just how much work you are doing in class and at home and you should be commended for your efforts.

50 Housepoints [Bronze]

  • Joshua Charnesky

150 Housepoints [Gold]

  • Lilian Yearwood
  • Garance Roule

View from the Classroom

Mr. Guiney has shared some great photos of 7C and their amazing presentations from yesterday’s work which includes working aqueducts, a Roman fashion show, and a role play slavery video. He was truly impressed with their work. Well done 7C.

Student Reporters

7C had their turn at writing a student report, thank you for sharing your classroom experiences.

Kathy Liu – ICT

In ICT we are learning about spreadsheets. I really enjoy learning about it because I think it is really fun and useful because spreadsheet is like a giant calculator. We did a lot of activities. For example we did an activity that we had an instruction sheet and we have the spreadsheet that we will be working on. It will tell you what to do on the spreadsheet for example create a pie chart between A4 to B4. It can calculate hard methods and create charts and graphs with whatever numbers you put in. You can also create lists which will be really useful for example when you are going out shopping. You can also create surveys and quizzes which is really fun.

Harry Lin - Boys P.E

We have been playing rugby. We were practicing our passing skills and we have been playing mini games like rob the nest to improve team work and tactics.

Recently we have done some games of full contact, we played in small area where we need to put the ball to the others side line to win a point, it was really rough some of us got hurt but we still had fun.

I really enjoy playing rugby, even if it's a bit rough, I look forward to playing full games with all the rules and stuff, I enjoy my P.E. lessons.

Louise He – Languages

This week, in Chinese we learnt about a new article called "whistle". We had learnt how to pronounce some new words' in French. We learnt the Chinese article by reading it and doing research about the author. We learnt the French words by pronouncing them with the teacher and testing them. I enjoyed both activities, especially the French one.

Lindsey Ren – Drama

In the past few weeks we learnt about the Elizabeth theatre, also known as Early Modern English theatre between 1562 and 1642. The play is in the style of William Shakespeare for when Shakespeare was writing his drama.   Elizabeth is alive so it is called the Elizabeth theatre, in the play there are four different  types of way of acting; naturalism, epic, surrealism and physical.

This week in drama we have divided into groups of three and each group had to choose a part of the play Romeo & Juliet then acting it out act it out using one of the style we had learnt for the past weeks. Our group choose naturalism, which is what is mainly used in Elizabethan theatre. Naturalism is a type of acting we still use now, in movies, T.V series, reality shows and lots more. Following the script and acting it out normally. Shakespeare used it in Elizabethan time, like what he did in his plays for example Romeo and Juliet. Naturalism is easy in terms of just following the script but it is also hard because you would have to learn the lines. For example if you want to act like an ape you would bend your back, put your leg apart, make a fist and turn your feet to the side as you walk, just like real life.

Angelina Nazarian – Maths

Recently in Maths we have been trying to make a shape with 12 different shapes.

It isn't the most exciting thing in the world but I really enjoyed working with my friends and colouring in the 12 different shapes. We were told to this because it helps us do things with strategy! Also it helps us to be mathematically creative because we had to make 12 shapes out of 5 squares from the grid paper!

Garance Roule – English

In English, since it is Shakespeare week, we have been learning how to write a Shakespearean sonnet (also known as an English sonnet).

Firstly we had to research what a Shakespearean sonnet was, and then we got into pairs and started to write our sonnet, we had to write it about a certain topic.

We had to make sure that our poem had a certain rhyme scheme to make it a Shakespearean sonnet. This was quite hard because we had to make sure that the rhyming words related to our topic. I enjoyed studying Shakespearean sonnets because it was fun to find new ways to write poems.

Next time we are back to 7A for their fortnightly classroom update.

Upcoming dates are:

27th Mar – 30th Mar – Into the Woods School Production

31st Mar – Last day of Term 2

10th April – First day of Term 3

18th & 20th April – KS3 Academic Review Evening.

30th April – 6th May – MIT trip

Have a wonderful weekend! With best wishes,

Paula Alderson

Year 7 Leader